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6 Ways to Use Table Lamps & Enjoy a Comfortable Lifestyle at Home
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6 Ways to Use Table Lamps & Enjoy a Comfortable Lifestyle at Home

We all deserve to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle – one that feels easeful and we can’t wait to return home to

Comfortable living isn’t something that happens on its own. Walking through the door of your humble abode and feeling immediately relaxed and at home in your own private space is something that takes consideration and time. 

As the seasons change and different circumstances are placed upon us in our everyday lives, we begin to realize how much easier things can feel when we take the time to set up our home with the right flow and appliances. 

When it comes to table lamps, having these strategically placed throughout the home can make space for the most comfortable living arrangement and lead to a stress-free, day-to-day life. 

Ready to step into your most relaxed and comfortable lifestyle yet? Read on to learn about how using these table lamps can make your home life feel easy like Sunday morning.

1. Enjoy outdoor fun in the evening with the children

When we let the kids outside to roam, play and explore amongst themselves, having peace of mind knowing that they are in a safe environment and not on the brink of an accident is a deeply relaxing feeling. 

As Fall and Winter arrives, so do the darker afternoons, and this is the time when table lamps can help to alleviate some of those natural worries that come along with the kids playing outdoors. 

The Zafferano Pencil LED Linear Cordless Rechargeable Light was made with adventurous afternoons in mind. As the sun goes down, this lightweight cordless appliance can be easily placed on a ledge, stool or table that directly lights up the children’s play area and surrounding spots. The battery lasts up to 58h and comes with a charging dock too, meaning there won’t be any chance of tears or tantrums due to cutting playtime short.

2. Make the main entrance of the home a delight to walk through

If you’re like most people, returning home after a weekend away or a long day at work is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

The feeling of being back in your own space is wonderful and being greeted with a doorway of light to guide the way in the dark makes it even more enjoyable. 

Having a table lamp lit up behind the front door is also important for safety and helps to fend off potential unwanted visitors whilst the home is unattended. An entry table can make this setup a lot easier, however if you don’t have one, a standard medium-sized table that works with the doorway space will do just fine.

The Zafferano Sister Cordless Lamp is the perfect fit for entryway spaces. A portable LED light with up to 58 hours of battery life, this light features touch dimming and removes the need to hide messy cords or find access to a wall outlet. 

3. Find what you need in the storage cupboard without any fuss

Christmas decorations, camping gear or suitcases for the family vacation - the home storage cupboard can be a real nightmare experience if the right lighting isn’t taken into consideration. 

Setting up small table lamps at the entrance of the storage cupboard can help keep things relaxed and stress-free when you’re having to tackle this cluttered and busy part of your home. Given you will be limited in regards to space, a small table or stool is the best approach when setting up this lamp. 

The Zafferano Poldina Pro Cordless Table Lamp is battery-operated and lightweight, making it ideal for picking up and holding should you need to navigate dark corners of the closet.

This lamp also features a streamlined aluminum body, making it the perfect lamp when you’re in need of a little extra room. 

4. Do your best work in a perfectly lit up home office

There’s no doubt about it - table lamps in the home office create ease in a space that often feels stressful. 

These days, in our post-covid world, working from home is more normal than ever. We’ve been introduced to a whole new kind of professional work life, one that requires having the right light for meetings and ticking things off the to-do list. 

When building out your home office to be just right, the right lighting can help your space to feel like a peaceful sanctuary for your busy brain. The Zafferano Sister Cordless Light is a portable LED light with USB charging available - perfect for keeping your lamp full of battery at your workstation if needed. This lamp is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use - should you need to take calls or continue projects outside on the patio or balcony.

5. Take a midnight bathroom break without losing any sleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is paramount to our overall health and wellbeing. 

Waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested gives us the energy to look after our family, perform well at work and enjoy everyday life. If you’re like most people though, having to get  up mid-sleep and visit the bathroom isn’t unusual - especially as middle age sets upon us. 

If the right lighting hasn't been considered, this can cause us to become too alert during these breaks and lead to a loss of sleep. Luckily, setting up table lamps in the bathroom can help keep us sleepy even during breaks and still wake up feeling refreshed. 

The Zafferano Sister Mini Cordless Lamp is sleek, compact and discreet - perfect for those midnight moments when you’re trying to retain as much sleep as possible during your break. This mini lamp also features touch-dimming, making it simple to navigate in the dark and eliminates having to spend minutes looking for light switches.

– If you would like to learn more about how cordless lamps can benefit your home, be sure to check out our recent article 10 Great Ways To Use a Cordless Lamp 

6. Enjoy evening grilling and entertaining - minus the fuss

Grilling and entertaining guests in the daytime is a wonderful experience for all, but what about parties and gatherings that are taking place when the sun goes down? 

The backyard tree lights can be switched on, but these won’t be bright enough to light up the grill properly and for preparing the ultimate feast. Cue the Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Light. This cordless lamp with docking station is ideal for placing behind the grill or on a ledge above and allowing the LED light to guide the way to a delicious barbeque dinner meal for all guests. 

When it comes to simple living in the home, setting up the right lighting appliances is just as essential as buying the right furniture or kitchenware. 

If establishing a simple flow for smooth living isn’t coming easily to you, strategically setting up the right table lamps for specific needs and uses might be exactly what your home needs. 

Our advice? Write down the areas of your home that you feel could benefit from more ease and comfort, then put a plan together to begin integrating table lamps. We’ve also put together a Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Table Lamp.

Remember that when it comes to home decor and comfortable living - small, gradual steps can create big results. 



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