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    happy sinksHAPPY SiNKS is a next generation cleaning brand founded in 2020 by two Finnish business builders Juhani Sirén and Anssi Hurme from the awarded design house Magisso.

    Juhani and Anssi are both avid cooks at home – but had problems cleaning afterwards. After creating +40 award-winning functional designs for homes around the world they decided to make cleaning more enjoyable for themselves and help others with the same problem.

    HAPPY SiNKS is fighting for happiness and sustainability in housework by creating sustainable, surprising and super-useful products for cleaning, organizing and for minimizing bacterial contamination in the kitchen.

    While all HAPPY SiNKS products are made to be über functional they also look fresh and make you want to go grab and use them as often as possible.

    HAPPY SiNKS products are made using sustainable materials from GOTS certified micro plastic-free organic cotton of the Dish Cloths to UPM biocomposite and durable stainless steel in the patented Dish Cloth and Sponge Holders.

    3 products
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