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10 Unique Home Decor Ideas for Styling Your New Home
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10 Unique Home Decor Ideas for Styling Your New Home

Elevate your mood and make the most of your new space with these unique home decor ideas

Moving into a new home often creates feelings of joy and excitement, but probably the most inspiring part of this process is the creative freedom you get when you’re making a new space your own. Whether you’re working with one single room or have a whole entire property to create with, being able to put your own personal touch into an abode is a truly fulfilling experience. 

When it comes to fresh and innovative home decor ideas, subtlety is key. Although it may feel like you need to be a designer to give your home a new look, the truth is - it's the smallest details that make the biggest difference. 

To plant some seeds of inspiration, we've created a list of our top 10 home decor ideas that will give your new home the breath of fresh air it needs. 

Ready to style your space in a way that feels just right for your fresh start? Read on to explore home decor ideas that will have you feeling relaxed and at home in no time. 

1. Use flowers to create softness around the home

Displaying fresh flowers is a home decor statement that never goes out of style. Whether you fawn over lilies, orchids or roses are more your style, the allure of flowers softening up a home decor setting can never be underestimated. 

Although we believe that all flower types are a wonderful choice for every room in the house, there are a select few that we recommend over others. 

Steer closer to flowers that deliver softness in appearance and can ideally last for a couple of months in your house. This way, you can work on styling other home decor ideas around your flower arrangements on more of a long-term basis. 

Combining the right vase with the right flower says ‘elegance’ in an effortless and understated type of way. Flowers are also a natural conversation starter and work brilliantly as an ice breaker when entertaining guests at the home. 

The Michael Wainwright Truro Platinum Vase is the perfect living room vase for any bright, coloured bouquet given its neutral tones and crystalline glass. Dazzle guests with a colorful bunch or go for a clean white petal to give the room the ultimate fresh feeling. 

2. Add a mirror or a little shimmer

Using a mirror in the home has the ability to transform the look and feel of a certain space. In addition to the obvious appeal of glamor and sophistication, throwing a mirror into your home decor can also make a room appear more spacious and enhance the appearance of natural sunlight. 

The Sabavi Square Mirror Tray is the perfect addition to a variety of areas within the home. Whether you’re looking to light up your coffee table or serve afternoon treats, mirror trays are a trendy decoration alternative that is sure to result in the ultimate wow factor. 

If you’re more of a dinner party type or that friend who can’t arrive at a gathering without a plate of food, adding shimmer to a salad bowl gives a unique touch to a healthy meal. 

The Sabavi Gold Marbleized Salad Bowl can be used as both a salad bowl and also as a centerpiece for lounge or living areas. Ideal for elegant dining or for special occasions like engagement parties, bar mitzvah or as a wedding gift.

3. Create an intriguing coffee table display

There are so many things to consider when creating a coffee table display that suits your space and weaves into other home decor ideas. Have you made space for items at different heights to create the perfect visual journey? Is there an assortment of styles and textures sprinkled throughout? When it comes to coffee table displays, keeping things intriguing is everything. 

The good news is that there are endless possibilities for coffee table objects that reflect the personality of your home. If you already have some coffee table books, the Sabavi Home White Glass Bowl on Gold Base works well as a beautiful addition to sit either on top or just beside it. The mantra ‘variety is the spice of life’ applies to this bowl, giving you the option of displaying flowers, potpourri or any other item that suits the overall feel. 

Adding candlesticks to your coffee table display is the perfect way to achieve that balance in height on your table, and Sabavi Silver Geometric Candlesticks do exactly that. If you’re still wanting to add a candle to your coffee table decor but prefer a more traditional candle, the KL Collection Frame Candle creates a bold statement whilst blending in with every color palette. This contemporary-style candle is a treat for our senses too, with a selection of fragrances to choose from and enjoy. 

4. Warm up the kitchen with the right touches

There’s nothing better than feeling warmth in the one room of the home that feeds our soul and brings the family together. Adding warmth to a kitchen can change the whole energy of the space - without having to do much at all! 

First, let's start with the right floor mat. Having a mat on the floor in the kitchen isn’t just important for safety, but it can also change the overall feel of the space. The GelPro Elite Premium Gel & Foam Anti-Fatigue Taryn Kitchen Floor Mat is soft to the touch and gives your feet a much-needed break by using a soothing gel and energy return foam base.

Great for those who spend long hours in the kitchen regularly or on holidays like Thanksgiving when you’re trying to get that turkey ‘just right’.

Now onto the right lighting for the kitchen. A soft candlelight is the perfect shade for the kitchen - giving off that relaxed, tranquil feel for anyone entering the space. Kitchens are often busy and manic, and what this trick does is make the space as calm as possible. 

This can be done through candles (we love the Coconut Mango Scented Candle for the kitchen) or with the right cordless lamp. 

The Zafferano Sister Light Mini Cordless Rechargeable Lamp is small enough to sit at the end of the kitchen bench and is perfect for casual gatherings where guests gather with a glass of wine and cheese platter. 

This lamp is also ideal if you’re looking to wind down in the kitchen after a long day, setting a gentle mood and ambiance for a relaxing, laidback evening at home. 

5. Make the fireplace pop on special occasions

Making memories around the fireplace is one of those family experiences most people never forget. Having the right decor around this common area along with the warmth of the fire is what can make it feel so special and cozy. 

For the ultimate fireplace experience, we love mixing in a combination of picture frames, vases and other decorative items that suit the tone and feel of the space. 

Perfect for fireplaces of all color shades, the Beatriz Ball Rose Gold Frame adds a lovely touch when added with a memorable photo as a conversation starter. The Nude Glass Blade Vase also feels fresh, with a fresh flower arrangement added or dried grass stem depending on the surrounding decor styles. 

6. Display the perfect brunch spread for your loved ones

Bruch dates in the home are fun for everyone, year-round. Winter calls for a cozy morning inside, and Summer could see you and your loved ones out on the patio or backyard enjoying some morning rays whilst enjoying your first sip of fresh coffee. 

Having the right kitchenware to entertain during these special times is key, and can make the entire process a whole lot easier as the host. 

For serving at the breakfast table whilst maintaining that sophisticated touch to the table, the Sabavi Crystalia Swirl Glass Coffee Pot can be used for coffee, tea, maple syrup, melted chocolate and so much more - it just depends on the type of brunch you are having!

For those who like to enjoy a Turkish Coffee from time to time, the Crystalia Grape Design Coffee Pot will bring the whole table together, whilst the Crystalia Raleigh Coffee & Tea Cups with Saucers allow for the most delicious sips and tastes across the table. 

A brunch spread wouldn’t be complete without the right plates to serve on, and we love Rio Medallion Melamine Dinner Plates for Summer brunch gatherings underneath the sunshine, and Carmel Ceramica Truffle Dinner Plates for brunch in the cooler months. 

7. Light up your favorite space with candles 

We all know how comforting the odd candle can feel as soon as the temperature drops, but what about multiple candles that not only keep us warm, but also look breathtaking?

The best part about creating a candle feature is your ability to get creative and have fun with it. We suggest a good mixture of all different candle types to make this home decor idea the most fun of all. The KL 5-Wick Candle Tray is a beautiful addition to candle home decor, featuring five candles in one with a range of scents to choose from. 

It’s important to consider a range of candle shapes too, and for this variety, we love the KL Luminara Flameless Candle. Underneath the square frame feature, this candle uses real flame-effect technology to capture the look of traditional candles without the open flame. Available in three different colors that all blend with a wide range of living space colors.

8. Give your staircase or hallway a little lovin’

Passageways in the home like staircases and hallways are often areas that people don’t expect to see home decor, and for this reason, styling these areas can feel extra special. Asking yourself the question “how can we grab attention when people walk past this area” can go a long way here. 

One of the most alluring ways to do this is with picture frames. Displaying unique memories that inspires guests to get curious and ask questions adds a special touch to a home. 

Whether you have a mantle to play with or a window sill, adding picture frames in these areas can add character to a part of the home that is often looked past. 

Featuring a side table at the end of a long walkway can also add unexpected creativity. For a home decorated in a modern style, the Beatriz Ball Sierra Modern Croc Large Gold Bowl adds a sophisticated touch without looking out of place. The neutral gold color blends perfectly with other stylish, modern finishes and textures. For a more traditionally decorated home, the Michael Wainwright Panthera Indigo Vase is a great choice. 

9. Get bold with a corner floor lamp

Corner lamps are fantastic for creating nook-like spaces that feel cozy and intimate. They are also great for illuminating darker parts of the room, whether it be above a desk or by a window. When choosing a corner lamp that is right for your space, consider one that is lean in shape and can easily be placed behind a couch, desk or other large household items. 

The Zafferano Poldina L Cordless Rechargeable Lamp is our top pick. Adjustable at three heights, cordless and lean enough for you to easily fit in any living area comfortably. 

– Looking for inspo for lighting up your beloved abode? Explore our recent article on 10 Great Ways to Use a Cordless Lamp

10. Give household essentials a pop of color 

As most kitchens are painted and decorated with neutral colors like cream, white or black, adding a pop of color to essential household items can do wonders for brightening up the overall feel of the space. 

For this home decor trick, the Presto Round Placemats come in a range of colors and are perfect for integrating bright shades against more natural backgrounds. The ​​Guzzini Twist Bowl is also a fresh and fun addition to any modern or traditional kitchen with neutral colors, and the Round Ripple Tray is ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining when the sun is shining.  

With a fresh start at your feet in your new home, it's time to start embracing the possible home decor ideas around your home and learn just how much joy freshening up your space can give you. 

If you’re newer to home decor - worry not! Becoming a home decor enthusiast isn’t something that just happens overnight, but taking simple steps each day (and following ideas like we’ve shared here) makes the learning process a whole lot easier. 

Take it one day at a time, and before you know it, home decor ideas will become second nature.



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