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10 Great Ways To Use a Cordless Lamp

10 Great Ways To Use a Cordless Lamp

The right cordless lamp throughout the home creates a joyful living experience. 

Creating a comfortable way of living is the first important step towards making a house a home. 

Whether it’s a living room rug that feels nothing short of perfect underneath our feet or that soft footrest for that afternoon book and cuppa, it can’t be denied that comfortable living makes us happier, more balanced people. 

Finding the perfect lighting for our living spaces is very much the same. Using the right light in a room can create a certain ambience and completely change our mood when chosen correctly. But what if there was an added comfort we could turn to when it came to lighting up our humble abode? 

The truth is, cordless lamps create simplicity compared to traditional lighting. Gone are the days of hiding neverending cords behind cabinets, searching for power outlets or replacing light bulbs every few months. Cordless lamps relieve us of these stresses and help us to live as relaxed and carefree as possible. 

Let’s explore 10 great ways to use a cordless lamp and how to integrate cordless lamps into any living situation. 

cordless lamp on a dining table

1. Outdoor dining

There’s something exciting about putting on a get together in an outdoor setting and dining alfresco. It might be a balmy Summer’s afternoon or a crisp Fall evening, but when the drinks are flowing and the conversation is good, outdoor dining is a spectacular experience for everyone involved. 

Finding the right lighting for outdoor events can be challenging however, given the lack of power present outside - and this is where cordless lamps can really come in handy. Plugging in one or many of the Zafferano Pencil LED Lights will create just the right amount of brightness for guests to enjoy their food and navigate the space around the dinner table, without feeling like the light is too harsh or overbearing. 

This light can be easily positioned on the grass or further out in the backyard to help light up all areas. It comes in three different shades, meaning you can choose what will work best for the atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

The Zafferano Poldina Pro Mini Lamp  is also a fantastic choice for brightening up an outdoor setting. It is perfect to be used as a table lamp and ideal for dinners where elderly attendees might be present. This lamp comes in stylish colors, including silver, copper and gold - making it the perfect choice for those more fancy dinner occasions. 

2. Needlepoint

Relaxing with some patchwork or knitting is an activity loved by so many and decent lighting when doing so is an absolute non-negotiable. Doing needlework without good lighting isn’t just dangerous for our eyes, but can also lead to mistakes in the finished product. 

When searching for your go-to needlepoint cordless lamp, look for something that has an LED light and will last a decent amount of time. This will ensure that you have the best light possible for color matching and detailed work, and won’t need to stop in the middle of a project to change lighting. 

The Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light is perfect for hovering over projects and aligning into the perfect position above your favorite knitting chair or work desk. 

It boasts a 4-step dimmer touch control, allowing you to adjust the light perfectly with what you’re working on, and the vertical suspension support gives the user flexibility and choice over how close or how far away the light needs to be. 

reading with a cordless pro lamp

3. Reading

Finding the perfect light to sit back and enjoy a good read can be a task within itself. The perfect balance between brightness and softness is imperative, whilst positioning is also important for complete ease and comfort. 

For a reading setup with a side table or coffee table, the Zafferano Poldina Pro Cordless Lamp is a great option due the die-cast LED lamp, offering 13+ hours of cordless illumination. This lamp can also be used indoors or outdoors, giving you a little flexibility around your chosen reading session. 

4. Board Games

Board games are an activity that brings friends and family together for some unique bonding time. 

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a holiday or just a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon, having the right lighting for a board game session makes it all the more fun and exciting. 

The Zafferano Poldina Pro XXL Lamp is a tall shade lamp with an LED light and touch-dimming, making it perfect for families with different preferences of light. The rechargeable light is bright enough to illuminate the room whilst the shade keeps it soft and smooth, maintaining the ambience for a group setting. 

For board game sessions that are slightly more intimate in nature (2 or 3 people) the Zafferano Poldina Pro Mini Lamp is also a fantastic option for keeping the groups spirits and energy high. 

cordless lamp outdoor with a beach background

5. Glamping

If you’ve ever spent a night sleeping out with nature, you will know that torches simply don’t cut it and a decent camping light amongst a sea of darkness is very much needed. 

The Zafferano Olimpia Cordless Lamp is a sleek and simple LED light with satin opal glass diffuser features touch dimming and 9 hours of illumination per charge. Perfect for illuminating a small tent where you don’t want to be searching for light switches or light globes. 

Traveling is also something that needs to be taken into consideration, and this cordless lamp is small enough to travel in the car with and won’t take up too much space on the trip. 

If you’re looking for a glamping light that is more for outside the tent to keep an eye on the children or during group meals and evening activities, the Zafferano Pencil LED Light  is also a fantastic choice. It also can be easily positioned around the tent to create pathways of light for trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Power outage with cordless lamp in the room

 6. Power outages

Power outages are frustrating to say the least, and when they do occur, it's good to be as prepared as possible and have a plan in place. 

One way of making these situations a little more easeful is knowing that you have allocated lights that will stay on for as long as you need. We’ve come up with a simple power outage light plan below on how you can strategically do this throughout your home. 

Lounge area, dining rooms and common areas

The Zafferano Poldina Pro XXL Lamp is a great option for keeping the larger, common rooms lit up during a power outage. This lamp offers 15 hours of cordless illumination and features touch dimming - making turning the light on during a power outage simple and sweet. 

Children’s rooms

One of the most important areas of the house to have light during a power outage is undoubtedly the children’s rooms. It's normal for children to feel lost and confused after their night light goes out during a power outage, and this can lead to crying, commotion and additional stress you simply do not need. 

Dotting a few of the Zafferano Olimpia Cordless Lamps in each of the children’s rooms ensures that no matter what takes place in the middle of the night, they know they can reach over, touch the globe and turn on the light - helping them to feel more safe during these uncertain times. 

Hallways, staircases and bathrooms

Another way of keeping all family members at ease during these times is to ensure that the spaces between the bedrooms are also lit up as much as possible. 

Keeping hallways and staircases lit up is important, especially with smaller children, and the Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Vertical Wall Sconce is a great solution for this. A sleek and simple design that can be positioned easily on the wall and is battery-operated and portable. 

For bathrooms areas, The Dama Cordless Lamp with USB Port is a top choice. Offering 15 hours of cordless illumination and a USB cable and charging cord included, family members can continue to use their phones whilst they wait for the electricity to come back on.  

Cordless Lamp for Special Occassions

7. Special occasions and holidays 

For classic and traditional occasions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving or even family wedding occasions, a classic style lamp is the perfect way to bring the family together and maintain that warm, tight-knit family atmosphere. 

The Zafferano Dama Lamp does exactly that. This lamp is perfect amongst sharing bowls, between meals or placing on end tables that connect living areas. It comes in a range of different colors, allowing you to style and match this lamp with certain occasions and each lamp features a metal-leaf finish, giving it that extra fancy touch for these memorable occasions. 

8. Grilling

Any chef will understand the stress of not having the right light to cook and prepare food, but what about when you’re at home trying to put together the ultimate barbeque feast? 

The right grilling light is an absolute must when you want people to enjoy their food from the grill. The meat needs to be safe for all guests and the buns need to be toasted to perfection, and the Zafferano Pencil LED Linear Cordless Light makes for the ultimate grilling light during these times. 

Battery operated and accompanied by a docking station, this cordless lamp can be perfectly positioned behind the grill or around the backyard area. 

room lamps cordless

9. Rooms and closets without light fixtures or power outlets

We have all opened that closet beneath the stairs or gone up into the attic and been frustrated with the lack of light. 

Trying to hold a heavy torch whilst searching for something or fixing a problem is simply a hassle, and having a small cordless lamp there to help us makes things feel simple and easy. 

The Zafferano Pina Pro Lamp is perfect for small spaces, as it is lean, linear and doesn't take up much space at all. It can be perfectly positioned on a small ledge in a dark wardrobe and features a die-cast LED lamp, keeping these areas illuminated and lit up for long periods of time. 

The Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light is also an excellent choice for lighting up small parts of the home. This cordless lamp can be positioned along the ceiling or wall and features an LED light with a 4-step dimmer touch for ease. 

lamps in a boat

10. Boating 

Although most boats have power, it can be expensive to run multiple sources of electricity for an ongoing period of time. Having cordless lamps for any boating trip makes things cost-effective and stress free. 

The most important thing to consider for cordless boat lighting is choosing lamps with the longest possible battery or charging periods. 

Using a combination of cordless table lamps and cordless wall lamps is the best way to implement a reliable light strategy for every trip out on the water. 

The Zafferano Olimpia Cordless Lamp is a great option for positioning multiple lamps, ensuring each corner of the boat can stay lit. This lamp takes up a minimal amount of space and offers up to 9 hours of illumination per charge. 

The Dama Cordless Lamp with USB Port is a fantastic backup charging option when the kids need both light and charge for their technology devices. A good way of minimizing any problems between the little ones and boasting up to 15 hours of LED light for longer boat trips. 

For lights being positioned off the ground area, the Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Horizontal Wall Sconce offers an easy way to keep the overall living space lit up, without having to have more lamps on the ground. The pencil design of this light creates a strong, well-directed light that can be used both inside the boat and on the deck. 

Using a cordless lamp can help to make everyday life experiences just that little bit more comforting and enjoyable. The right lighting is often something we don’t notice the importance of until it's too late, and pre-planning this ahead of time means less time worrying and more time making one-of-a-kind memories with family and friends.



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