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The Nutr Milk Machine

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Product Overview

Make homemade plant-based and nut milks in a matter of minutes with a sleek and compact design for single servings, perfect for your countertop. Enjoy nut milk and plant-based milk – including almond, cashew, oat, walnut, soy, coconut, rice, hemp, flax and peanut – at the touch of a button.

In just a few easy steps, make fresh nut milk. No more messy nut milk making, no more store-bought plant milks! Eliminate carton waste, and unhealthy preservatives and additives commonly found in brand-name products. Features three heat settings: Room Temperature, Warm and Hot (suitable for making soy milk as it heats ingredients to 212°F for safe consumption). Additional functions include boil, keep-warm and auto-clean.


    Product Details
      • Diameter: 4.3"
      • Width: 4.3"
      • Height: 8.2"
    • Materials:Stainless Steel
      • Capacity:

        • 350mL suitable to enjoy a cup of fresh nut milk, and easy to carry when traveling. It makes 8-13 oz. of beverage.

      • Voltage: 

        • 110V / 60 Hz power. If used outside the US, a power converter or step-down transformer is needed.

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    How it Works

    Make homemade plant-based and nut milks in a matter of minutes


    Simply add 1 scoop of preferred nuts. A singular nut, seed or grain will do – or a blend!


    Fill the Nutr Machine with water between min and max line, based on your preference of creaminess and quantity.


    Choose the temperature (hot, warm, room temp) and blend for a few minutes! To remove pulp, pour milk through the provided strainer – or enjoy your milk with the nutritious pulp!


    Enjoy your nut milk - made fresh and without preservatives using your newest countertop companion, the Nutr Machine!

    Why not store bought?

    Store-bought milks are about 98% water? And filled with preservatives, gums, emulsifiers, oils and sugars – and not as healthy as you may think. Get twice the nutritional value when you make plant-based milk with whole, natural foods at home yourself!

    More from Nutr

    With the Nutr Machine, a fresh glass of plant-based milk can be as simple as nuts and water, and made in a matter of minutes. Nutr specifically designed a single-serving machine so you don’t create waste, and it fits nice and neatly on your countertop. With the Nutr Machine’s powerful blades, heat settings and enhanced functions – scrap the blender and nut bag mess.

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