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Beginner’s Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp
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Beginner’s Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

Whether you have fantastic overhead lighting or beautiful natural light beaming through your bay windows – when you’re curled up on the couch with your book you’re going to want to have really, really great lighting. Though every architect, interior designer or lighting expert can make sure you have the perfectly positioned high hats and suitably sized magnificent chandeliers, table lamps have their own unique purpose. Whether for ambience in entertaining spaces or targeted illumination in intimate or small spaces, a table lamp can enhance your home décor as well as your comfort level.

We’ve curated the best and the brightest – pun intended – selection of cordless table lamps for any space.  Why cordless? Since the Covid era, we have realized the many benefits and joys of outdoor entertaining, from the ubiquitous backyard barbeques to the proliferation of outdoor restaurant seating areas. Cordless lamps for the indoors have taken off in popularity as well – after all, who wants to use that iPhone flashlight feature, any more than already necessary…  

How do you pick the best table lamps for your specific needs? It’s important to make sure to measure the space and check the dimensions before purchasing; eyeballing does not cut it. Short compact lamps are ideal for bedrooms and offices, whereas taller lamps work best in living rooms and other open spaces. Here are some of the most important factors to consider and our top picks.

Purposeful placement

This would be the first thing to consider; is your main objective style or utility? Ambience or activity? Of course, you can find some awesome cordless table lamps for your living room that address both, such as the perfectly sized Zafferano Poldina Pro 15" Cordless Rechargeable Lamp.  A battery-operated lamp with a streamlined aluminum body, the Poldina is quick to recharge and a breeze to move wherever you need it. This versatile lamp is available in a wide array of colors to match any color scheme, in virtually any space.   

Location, location, location

Do you need that extra light in the living room or bedroom? Perhaps you need a more specific space like the bathroom or the kitchen? A bathroom vanity or kitchen countertop would benefit from the Zafferano Sister Light Cordless Rechargeable Lamp. It is an indoor/outdoor lamp that comes in five colors in anodized aluminum, treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish. At 12 inches high it can easily fit under a kitchen cabinet or a medicine cabinet. This cordless lamp can not only help you read the recipe from the latest cookbook, it can be used to help locate that special spice you know you have hiding in the back recess of your spice cabinet. Reading while relaxing in the bathtub just became that much more inviting too…

Designer’s Choice

If a style is your top priority then the Zafferano Olimpia Cordless Rechargeable Lamp and the Zafferano Home Cordless Rechargeable Lamp offer the edgiest modern styles to complement your home design. Both are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  The Zafferano Home table lamp is currently available in rust and gray and will make a bold industrial-chic statement. Zafferano Olimpia comes in an elegant satin opal with a round glass diffuser, adding soft sophistication to any space.

The streamlined Zafferano Pina Pro 11.4" Cordless Rechargeable Lamp with its unexpected design can be placed in any space to give it a sharp yet whimsical pop.  Its dimmable capability makes it perfect for use in place of candles, to set the mood and or simply incorporate different design elements through lighting.

Color Me Bright

Are you looking for that pop of color to brighten or compliment your space? Do you want to stick with a soothing neutral color?  Rely on table lamps to make a bold statement or just fit right in.  Zafferano makes lamps to fit virtually any color palate. The Zafferano Pina Pro 11.4" Cordless Rechargeable Lamp is a petite but mighty lamp available in neutrals, while the Zafferano Poldina Pro 15" Cordless Rechargeable Lamp and the Zafferano Poldina Pro 7" Micro Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp offer the largest variety of color options in two perfectly scaled options. Whether you choose full-size or miniature versions, these table lamps will make themselves useful and are sure to spark joy where they land in your home.

Form Follows Function

Trying to create the most efficient workspace? Check out these multipurpose cordless desk lamps. 

Zafferano Dama Cordless Rechargeable Lamp with USB Port 

Available in practical black and white.  With a USB cable and charging cube included, the Dama is the perfect lamp for your bedroom nightstand or desk.  An LED light with polycarbonate diffuser, it provides 15 hours of cordless illumination while offering a charge for your phone or other mobile device. 

Zafferano Pencil LED Linear Cordless Rechargeable Light with Docking Station 

Available in three sizes, this lamp is the most versatile, discreet and utilitarian lamp on the list. It’s a battery-operated, portable, rechargeable table/ floor lamp that comes in three neutral finishes. The Pencil creates an intense, well-directed light ideal for large and small spaces, indoors or out.

Premium Desk Lamp with Wireless & Universal Phone Charger 

Modern and compact, this LED Smart adjustable desk lamp features a charging dock for your device – no wire necessary.  Featuring three different hues and 10 levels of brightness, plus a motion sensor to turn on night light on when you enter a dark room, this lamp will be your go to for almost every need. 

Outside the Box

Outdoor dinners call for great lighting all year long, with durable outdoor cordless table lamps. The Zafferano Sister Light Cordless Rechargeable Lamp in anodized aluminum is the perfect indoor/outdoor lamp.  Charge it indoors for five hours to enjoy up to an impressive 58 hours of illumination when on the lowest setting. At the height of 5.9" height, you may want to consider purchasing these adorable and efficient “sisters” in sets of two. 



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