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The 7 Best Guzzini Products of 2024
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The 7 Best Guzzini Products of 2024

Maybe this list is more like 15ish of Guzzini’s Best. Guzzini excels at creating beautiful design-forward collections for your home and tabletop, but they are also one of the leading manufacturers in a planet-forward way of doing business. Every exquisite collection they develop is from recycled and bio-based materials, 100% recyclable materials and ISCC carbon certified. Their commitment to the future of this planet is only matched by their pursuit of enhancing your dining experience with their innovative product design. And the icing on the cake is that the're able to make it all affordable. Better for your budget, your tabletop and the planet.  


7. Dolcevita Bowls

Each one of the bowls in the Dolcevita collection was designed by Italian brothers Pio and Tito Toso. The ribbed surfaces of this collection are almost as if they are an inverted impression of a Roman fluted column. But there is nothing ancient about the Dolcevita collection. The colors and the materials are as modern as the design. All of Guzzini is constructed of a 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable, antibacterial bioplastic. The bowls come in 4 different sizes and the Dolcevita collection has a matching centerpiece bowl. 


6. Le Murrine Bowls

Le Murrine is a glassmaking technique where the canes of glass are cut into cross sections to reveal the ends connecting to form a pattern of circles or soft edge polygonal shapes. In this case it is a beautiful line of bowls from Guzzini with a pattern of circles that decrease in diameter as the shape of the bowl descends into the base. The circular pattern doubles as a series of implied holes or windows that allow us to see into the interior of the bowl. These windows also reveal a layered and proprietary 3 color technology that contain a combination of subtle colors to match any design palette. The Guzzini Le Murrine bowls come in a small, medium and large. 


5. Tiffany Bowls

The Tiffany bowls are an elegant line from Guzzini made in Italy by the award-winning Italian brothers Pio and Tito Toso. The surfaces of the Tiffany collection are essentially a rounded square cut pattern resulting in a enlarged series of beads that wrap round the outside of the bowl. The Tiffany collection comes in a series of colors, including clear, and they are all a solid satin finish. The Tiffany collection is rounded out with a series of matching serving cups that have an inverted taper, a couple serving trays and matching pitcher and tumblers. 


4. Tierra Container for Bread and Confectionery

This bread container from Guzzini is a unique piece from the Tierra Collection. It is meant to resemble the look of thrown pottery just off the spinning wheel. It is designed to feel imperfect even down to the uneven undulations as to evoke a more organic or handmade feel. The bamboo lid also serves as a cutting board. The Tierrra collection is also made up of solid neutrals. It has accompanying pieces that include serving trays, dishes, bowls, tumblers and the best seller of the Guzzini Tierra collection, the Oval Centerpiece and Fruit Bowl. 


3. Guzzini Placemats

The Guzzini Tiffany Placemats are a compact rectangular shape that come in about every color an interior designer could imagine. They are velvety soft to the touch and are made of a polyurethane rubber that is resistant to temperature variations and prolonged contact with oils. The Tiffany placemats are recyclable and dishwasher safe. The Oval Fabric Reversible Placemats are made to resemble the look and feel of leather but are also resistant to temperature variations and prolonged contact with oils. They are much larger than their rectangular Tiffany counterparts at a length of almost nineteen inches. They come in four sophisticated neutral colors.


2. Guzzini Serving Trays

It should be pointed out that the Dolcevita and Tierra collections have their own serving trays. These are serving trays that go with any other line of Guzzini tableware that you may have chosen. The Happy Hour Rectangular Tray With Handles is the headliner of this universal serving tray group. It is a heavy duty rectangular frosted clear tray that is constructed of and acrylic material with good transparency and excellent resistance to chemicals. It scratch-resistant, dishwasher safe and recyclable. The Essence Acrylic Tray is a rectangular tray that has raised legs and is designed by award-winning designers Setsu & Shinobu. This tray comes in three color finishes, clear white and black. ALl of which are satin gloss.


1. Dolvevita Pitcher & Tumblers

Guzzini also carries a pitcher with a lid and sets of tumblers to match their recognizable bowls in their Dolcevita collection. They both have the same inverted fluted ribbing as the bowls with the same color palette. Same Italian designer brothers Pio and Tito Toso. The tumblers coming in at just under a pint and the pitcher coming in at just under 2 qts. We should also mention that Dolcevita translates directly to “sweet life.” If you round out your entire tabletop with Dolcevita there is not a very concise translation to “sweet tabletop.” But it will definitely look like your table is having a sweet life.



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