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2024's Best Cutting Boards for Home Chefs (from our home chefs)
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2024's Best Cutting Boards for Home Chefs (from our home chefs)

These are the best cutting boards of 2024 according to our very cheffy and transparently practical panel of experts. We are going to cover best cutting boards for your level of expertise. Best cutting boards for the types of food you prepare. Best cutting boards for your knives. Best way to clean your cutting boards. And the best cutting boards that serve double duty and masquerade as a cheese board or charcuterie board. First up…

Best cutting board for “not-so-fancy” home chefs.

If you are a beginner to intermediate chef, and don’t need to invest a ton of money into a cutting board, the Dreamfarm Bamboo Big Fledge Cutting Board is perfect for you. Don’t get us wrong, it works perfectly fine. It actually works better than perfectly fine. Dreamfarm actually calls it “the world’s best double-sided bamboo cutting board.” And we are putting it right here so we must agree. The cutting surface is made of a unique 3 layer cross-ply bamboo which is perfect for your knives. It also has a stain-resistant silcone soft flip-up edge that catches everything that falls off the side of the board (think of a moat around a castle). So novice or professional this reversible edge catches everything from crumbs to fruits and veggie juice to (don’t make us say it) blood. There’s really not much like it in your cutting board decision set. 

Honorable mentions are the non-bamboo version from Dreamfarm, the Dreamfarm Fledge Grey Cutting Board and the Zwilling Synthetic Cutting Board, which also boasts a polypropylene surface with a perimeter groove for easy cleanup and trapping juices. It is also antibacterial and reversible.

Rosti makes a Choptima Cutting Board Set that is not only perfectly adequate for every task mentioned above, it is very well designed and comes in a color palette stylish enough to leave out on the countertop. Like the above boards, it is dishwasher safe as well.

The most unique cutting board

that won’t break the bank is the Gefu Cut Pro Thawing and Chopping Board. All cutting boards mentioned so far are reversible but this one is a different kind of reversible. One side is a sleek black aluminum surface that reduces the thawing time of frozen foods by up to 60 percent. Without losing food flavor or quality. And the other side is a simple plastic cutting board for when your frozen food is thawed. Oh, and the handle has a built-in knife sharpener. Bonus points for creativity.


Best cutting board for expert home chefs (or chefs that might want to invest a little more in their cutting boards).

This series of cutting boards is not only great for chefs that might take their kitchen prep a little more seriously, these boards are perfect if you’ve invested in a set of really nice knives you’d like to take care of. This is the collection of end-grain cutting boards from Larch Wood. The end-grain wood construction of their cutting boards provides exceptional durability and knife-friendliness. The end of the grain of wood is the self-healing edge as the grain ends or fibers tend to grow back together after being exposed to a cut. The sides of the grain don’t do that as well. It is an expensive and time and material consuming process but it makes for a better board that is equally visually stunning, resistant to bacteria and the best surface for your knives. 

Larch Woods best boards for purely cutting are the Larch Wood One Hander Cutting Board

Which comes in 3 fairly manageable sizes for smaller spaces or the Larch Wood Classic Cutting Board which comes in 3 larger sizes and is a bit thicker. Both are perfect for cutting, prepping meals and, because of the nature of the self-healing end-grain construction, serving.

And the workhorse for all the home chefs

that might have something close to a commercial grade kitchen in their home is the Larch Wood Carver's Board. Because everything sounds more serious when you say, “carver’s.” Seriously, when you are ready and willing to up your game, this is the carver’s board among cutting boards. One because of its sheer size, two because of its beauty and three because of its durability. This is the last cutting, sorry carver’s board, you will ever buy.   

Best cutting boards that masquerade as serving boards.

Larch wood makes a Cheese Board that comes in a 8” round and square and a larger rectangle that is a beautiful presentation piece for cheese, olives and small charcuterie. Technically you can cut on it but nothing too rigorous. Stick with small cheese cutting, spreading or charcuterie knives. Larch Wood also makes a larger Round Cutting Board at 15 inches if you need more surface.

They also have in their lineup a Ki Serving/Sushi Board with a sleek Japanese inspired form with a substantial presentation area that is perfect for presenting hors d’oeuvres, sushi or canapés.

And rounding out Larch Wood’s offering is their pièces de ré·sis·tance, the Larch Wood Tiger Stripe Buffet Board. It is simply the most beautiful cutting board you will ever see. Just look at the picture above. You might as well just keep it out as decor. Put a book on it. Maybe a vase. Just use a coaster. JK, it’s as nearly indestructible as the rest of the Larch Wood line. It’s just so gorgeous. 

All Larch Wood boards should be washed with a damp cloth or a non-abrasive sponge. 

Two boards that fall into the cutting board category but they are more presentation or serving boards are the Nambe Blend Bread Board w/ Knife which is a dark wood with a holder for the included knife. And the Nambe Cheese Block w/ Knife & Spreader which is a little darker than the other Nambe board and has two nice handy little slots for the spreader and the knife. Both of these beautiful for presentation and lighting cutting.






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