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10 Zafferano Lamps & Glasses We Love This Year
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10 Zafferano Lamps & Glasses We Love This Year

This is a top 10 list of how Zafferano has not only mastered how to make our horizontal surfaces useful and beautiful, but also mastered how light interacts with those surfaces in our homes. We’ll explain item by item Let’s take a look at the top 10.

1. Zafferano Poldina Pro 15" Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp

This is an easy #1. This is the lamp that got the cordless lamp craze started. It stands at a perfect height of 15 inches and an even more perfect 3 lbs. Any heavier might be little cumbersome and any lighter would just get knocked over all the time. Which is ideal for a romantic dinner setting or maybe an outdoor neighborhood get-together. The Poldina Pro is also perfect for bedtime nightstand reading or even an office setting. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter. Its die-cast aluminum body and powder coated finish give it enough durability to travel around the house. Which is not true of all cordless lamps. The Poldina Pro has a finger touch on/off with 3 different color temps. It takes 6 hours to charge for up to 9 hours of use indoor or outdoor.

2. Zafferano Poldina Pro 10.8" Micro Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp

The Poldina Pro 10.8" Micro Cordless Lamp is an obvious “next up” because of everything we said about the Poldina Pro 15” lamp. It’s obviously shorter. It has a tad less wattage but has a higher IP rating. AN IP rating is basically a standard by which anything electrical can withstand the elements like dust, moisture and overall bumpage (which we’ll call everyday contact for anyone searching for that very specific term out there). Naturally it’s shorter so your reading nook might have to be a little more snug and that dinner for two might have to be a little closer. You’re welcome. The Poldina Pro 10.8” lamp is also going to be more cost effective for those wanting or needing to grab a couple. We should have mentioned this before but all Zafferano cordless lamps come in the entire range of the color spectrum. It would be very hard to not find the exact color you need in your space.

3. Zafferano Perle Tumblers

These tumblers from Zafferano are truly a work of light. They come in a countless number of vibrant colored glass that is interrupted by white pearls that allows any penatrating light to dance across your tabletop. The Zafferano Perle tumblers are handcrafted by master glassblowers and each one can stand alone as a unique work of art. They are not overly embellished but they are not simple either. Just like the Zafferano lamps, it would be very hard not to find a color that matches your style. And the color palette is meant to coordinate or compliment the color options on all the lamps. Which is something most people do. What other manufacturers make table lamps and glassware that work and play well together?

4. Zafferano Perle Small Bowls (and the rest of the Zafferano Perle collection)

This is an easy followup to the Perle tumblers because they were designed together but they stand as well on their own. Same timeless craftsmanship. Same techniques by master glass blowers that give the glass it’s unique prism effect . Same stunning vitreous color palette. Because of their lower profile, the Zafferano Perle bowls can cast a light pattern through the glass onto your tabletop that is very similar to a stained glass window (sometimes called lightcasting). We should include the entire Zafferano Perle collection here which also includes a wine goblet, a cocktail goblet and a carafe. If you were to be so brave to round out your entire tabletop with Zafferano Perle glassware, and set it in direct sunlight, you might feel like you were at the end of a rainbow. And you might need that wine goblet.

5. Zafferano Poldina Upside Down Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp

Next up, the “upside down one.” Good thing they named it that, even though it’s a mouthful. This is almost as if you took a Poldina Pro 15” Lamp and actually turned it upside down. The lamp shade becomes the base. And viola, the base becomes the light source. Here’s why it’s genius, the upside down lampshade now becomes a little utility compartment for all things desktop. Pens, pencils, binder clips, okay whatever you keep at your desk. It’s also food safe, removable and reusable. Some use it for tranquil sand or calming stones. Please try to refrain anyone in your household using it as a Barbie tanning bed. Either way it’s a pretty clever twist on a classic - that also has the same specifications as said classic. 

6. Zafferano PushUp Pro LED Table Lamp

The PushUp Pro is a beautiful little masterpiece that is not only a gem of subtlety, but of  ingenuity as well. At first it’s a solid little die cast cylinder that almost appears as a storage box or a jewelry box you might have on your nightstand. But with one touch the lamp’s lid pops up that warrants a sound effect (there isn’t one btw) and the cylinder turns into a cordless lamp. Everything is true about the PushUp Pro that is true about the rest of the Poldina Cordless Lamps. Solid die cast metal that is powder coated so it’s everyday durable. Same wattage. Same lighting options. You have the choice of several different colors. Yes it only takes a few hours to charge for almost twice the hours of lighting. And yes, you can place it anywhere but it’s ideal for mood lighting for outdoor bars, lounges or nightstands. The only decision you have to make is do you want a bold lamp that everyone knows is a lamp like the Poldina Pro or do you want a cordless lamp that nobody knows is a lamp like the Zafferano PushUp Pro? 

7. Zafferano Bei Tumblers

There is no other way to describe the Zafferano Bei Tumblers than European finer class meets American diner glass. Okay there are probably a few more ways but that makes a ton of sense and it rhymes. Follow us. The shape, the taper, the grip and the proportions all resemble, if not mimic, the classic and quintessential American diner glass. The same glass that is usually dinged up and foggy? Not very aspirational is it? Well what if you took that same boring, yet very unforgettable, vessel and turned it into a museum grade piece of borosilicate glass blown art? Now we’re getting somewhere. The colors and reflections cast from the perfect glass on your tabletop alone are enough to make your guests stare. Just look at the picture above. They will immediately become the visual centerpiece of your table.

8. Zafferano Pencil Cordless Light Series  

There are 5 different cordless lights in the Zafferano Pencil Series. Before we get into all of them their purpose is pretty universal. They are a series of “pencil modules” sometimes in the lighting industry as stick lighting or cylinder lighting. They are basically long bars or rods of various lengths that contain a strip of LED lights that run the whole length of the pencil. They can serve as indoor or outdoor room lighting, task lighting, accent lighting or just pure decor. They are all rechargeable and cordless so you can use them wherever you want with an outlet or a junction box. Which is very easy to understand when we are talking about lamps that you can carry around. But these are the type of lights that you either hang from the ceiling or install on a wall. Maybe even prop up in the landing of a poorly lit stairwell. That type of lighting usually needs a junction box which are way less available than electrical wall outlets. They also come at much higher color temps (up to 4K) so they can fill larger spaces with plenty of light. They all also come with their own installation hardware. Here’s the rundown.

The Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light is pretty much a vertically suspended hanging light. It is the perfect solution for lighting difficult corners of rooms but many buyers use it for any tall ceilings or stairwells. The Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Rechargeable Linear Suspension Light is pretty much the same thing as the Pendant Light but horizontal. Which allows for more headspace and can be used in common spaces a little easier. The Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Rechargeable Vertical & Horizontal Wall Sconces are pretty self-explanatory. There are more versatile because they take up less room space. You do have to install the fixturing onto the walls if that’s a concern for the decorator in the household. Again, no junction boxes or outlets. And now that we have the ceilings and walls covered, why not the floor? And this isn’t your ordinary floor lamp. The Zafferano Pencil LED Linear Cordless Rechargeable Light with Docking Station is essentially a floor lamp that can either rest in its rechargeable docking stand or lean against the wall. 

9. Zafferano Tirache Tumblers

These make our top 10 because they are just fun. It’s easy when you make a product of such high quality to take yourself too seriously. These are made with the same Italian craftsmanship. Same amazing borosilicate lead glass by the same master glassblowers. They are just adorned with these simple and very casual lines of color that wrap around the bottom and extend up the other side. Again, Zafferano, about every color on the spectrum. Simple. Well made. Perfect.

10. Zafferano Pina Pro 11.4" Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp

The Pina Pro 11.4" Cordless Lamp has to make the list for a couple different reasons. First of all, it’s an absolute customer favorite. Second of all, it’s just a very unique interpretation of prototypical lamp proportions. Most lamps are fairly evenly weighted from top to bottom. Both a physical and visual necessity. The Pina Pro breaks those rules successfully. It has a very heavy visual bottom base and a tiny little cone of a shade for the light source. And it works perfectly. It doesn’t have the wide variety of bright colors that the Poldina Pro comes in but it has a nice range of metallics and classic neutrals to choose from.



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