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8 New Alessi Products We Love from Tea Kettles to Toasters & More
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8 New Alessi Products We Love from Tea Kettles to Toasters & More

If there were ever a company that could keep an eye on the unexpected funky. The poetry of objects. The clever, the function and the exquisite. It would be Alessi. They create pieces of art for our homes that put a smile on both homeowner’s faces and museum curators alike. They are proud to be reinterpreters of everyday things.They live in a lab. And they bring culture and imagination to our homes. For us, it starts in the kitchen. From tea kettles, to toasters to trays, don’t be surprised if you have to study one of their creations for a bit before you realize what it does. Their creations not only belong in museums, they already are in museums. Perhaps they should be in more. And these are the eight that belong in our first Alessi museum.

Alessi Michael Graves Stainless Steel Whistling Bird Kettle

This is the tea kettle that might make all other tea kettles blush. We’re not sure if it’s just easier to make tea in or easier to look at. It’s easy to make a useless item whimsical, at the sacrifice of aesthetic taste. But Alessi has been able to accomplish all 3 here. A little whimsy, an elegant combo of Art Deco, Pop Art and Post Modernism and a very well made and useful tea kettle. It’s a tea kettle. You really don’t need to overthink it. Just do it well. The 18/10 stainless steel body and spout come to a quick taper for faster heating. The bottom has a magnetic base for maximum induction heat transfer. And of course when the water boils, the bird figurine whistles away. Beautifully designed? Check. Well engineered? Check. A little bit of clever? Check.

Alessi x Michael Graves Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl with Spoon

This Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl by Michael Graves is a perfect companion to the whistling bird tea kettle (good thing they put his name in both titles). The body is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and the handles and knobs are made of the same polyamide. You can round out your Alessi Michael Graves collection with the creamer, the coffee table tray and the pepper mill. You’ll be a few short Alessi Michael Graves pieces away from your museum. Which we should mention, all these pieces are in various design museums. Just sayin.

Alessi Pulcina Stove Top Espresso Coffee Maker

Let’s start with the most visually unique item from the Alessi design department (btw the entire company is a “design department”). There is nothing classic or familiar about this Pulcina Stove Top Espresso Coffee Maker. This is a piece to keep on your counter or stovetop for sure. It is not only a postmodern sculpture for your kitchen, it is a really well designed and intelligent espresso coffee maker. The Pulcina’s special smart heater stops filtering the coffee exactly when it is supposed to before it generates the burnt and bitter aftertaste. We should also point out that the spout resembles a baby chic’s beak. In Italian…Pulcina.

Alessi Plissé Toaster

The Alessi Plissé toaster is another piece designed by Michele De Lucchi. Apparently we are big fans of Italian architects that like to make small buildings disguised as functional products for your home. Colorful, bold and countertop impressive. Not only is it an impressive sculpture, it is remarkably similar to an accordion pleated haute couture dress. The Plissé toaster has 6 browning levels and boasts 5 different colors. In true Alessi form, function and form become equal yet again.

Alessi Plissé Citrus Juicer

The Plissé juicer is another masterpiece from Michele De Lucchi. It is a cold press citrus squeezer with an 85W motor that has an automatic on/off and a retractable/concealed cord that matches the BPA-free thermoplastic resin body color - which it comes in 5 colors to match your Plissé toaster btw. It also has an adjustable Stainless steel spout with two positions to prevent excessive dripping dripping outside your vessel of choice. And cince it matches your toaster, you’re more than halfway through a stylish and very solid breakfast.

Alessi Joy Fruit Bowl

Fruits, fractals and facets, oh my! This fruit bowl titled “Joy” by Claudia Raimondo is able to elicit both an organic and industrial reaction. It mimics sunlight dancing under rippling water and also an AI generated moving fractal pattern. It also says, “stop staring at me” because, quite frankly, it’s impossible! This extremely unique piece comes in an 18/10 Stainless Steel and a black steel with epoxy resin. The Alessi Joy series also comes in an 18/10 stainless steel serving tray.

Alessi Double Stainless Steel Serving Bowl

This is just a beautifully simple piece. It is a very shallow 18/10 stainless steel double wall bowl that allows for it to appear to be a very heavy & sturdy piece of steel but lightweight enough to be portable. The higher inner bowl also allows for the bowl to be filled with less fruits, salads, pastas or bread items. Whatever you decide you need to fill your serving bowls with. The only downside to this classic archetype of the simple concept of a bowl is that it is so pristine and so elegant you will not want to put anything in it. But don’t worry, it’s 18/10 stainless steel, you’re good.

Alessi Mediterraneo Metal Serving Collection

This collection is inspired by Mediterranean underwater imagery and designed by award-winning designer Emma Silvestris. These pieces are clearly coral forward and are meant to feel as organic and unstructured as whatever we decide to put in them. The centerpiece of the collection is actually the centerpiece. The Alessi Mediterraneo Metal Decorative Bowl is just that. An amazing decorative bowl. It comes in an 18/10 stainless steel and a red & green epoxy resin. So it is a very festive piece. If you would like to transition this dec bowl into a serving bowl you can use a ​​Mediterraneo Decorative Bowl Insert. Emma Silvestris rounded out the Mediterraneo collection with the ​​Mediterraneo upright napkin holders, the salad servers and the ​​Mediterraneo pasta scoop.




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