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Food Storage Containers Every Kitchen Needs
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Food Storage Containers Every Kitchen Needs

Lately there’s been a global focus on preservation and conservation in all aspects of life, whether for the environment, cost savings or for our own personal well-being. In an ever-changing hectic world, the home kitchen has become a cherished comfort zone and it is one area where we can look to waste less and spend less. Having the proper food storage containers and other tools on hand can help make your prep time more fun and efficient and keep your culinary creations lasting longer. These kitchen essentials will help you run your kitchen like a professional chef – or help you pretend you’re one on Tik Tok.

Wine and Dine

Be good to your food and your wine – and your pocket. Once you’ve prepared the gourmet meal and poured the wine, it can be a bit depressing to watch some precious leftovers go down the drain. 

Airtender food and wine saver

Reuse all those glass containers from the grocery - you know the ones from pickles, pasta sauce, etc. The Airtender Food and Wine Saver Vacuum Set can convert any glass jar or bottle into a reusable vacuum storage container. The set includes an Airtender vacuum pump, a lid punch and three reusable “Nanostoppers” to help preserve the flavors and aromas of food and wine. Vacuum sealing has been a pro-tip for ages and can now be done with ease - and at a low cost - in your kitchen. This handy kitchen gadget will keep salads, soups, sauces and more fresh and tasty longer for later use. 

No kitchen is complete without reliable storage containers. Stackable, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and BPA free, Frame Storage Containers by Tarhong will become your go-to set. This set of four assorted-size storage containers featuring lids in shades of blue makes it easy to organize and store condiments, leftovers, lunch and more. Classic and convenient and easy on the eye, these plastic containers will save you from searching for the right lid -- or using that leaky plastic zipper bag. 

Goals on the Go

Lemon Fresh Quench Acrylic

Whether for your New Year’s resolutions, summertime goals or anytime health goals, the best way to keep your resolutions to yourself Is to keep things easy, practical, and fun…and this is an easy one. Lemon Fresh Quench Acrylic Water Bottles by Tarhong help you maintain your hydration and keep those healthy habits you promised to keep. Shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and completely durable, these bottles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Leave them on hand filled in the fridge, ready to drink or serve. Available in Midsummer Floral as well, the refreshing patterns will have you chugging your H20 all day long. Add some fresh lemons, and limes or just drink it straight – so long as you hydrate. Great for personal use either at home or on the go, or placed in multiples on the table to brighten up the table-scape. 

Crystalia Take & Go 20 oz.

Is healthier eating on your list? Then keeping your healthy snack safe and accessible with some fun to-go containers can certainly help. Whether you want to look fancy or frugal or just fun, this set is just perfect – for your parfait. Crystalia’s Take & Go 20 oz. Yogurt Cups are great for yogurt, fruit salad, cereal, cottage cheese, and oatmeal. They can handle hot and cold foods, plus any of your favorite toppings. Take along your breakfast, lunch or pick-me-up treat and be prepared when that hunger hits. This set of perfectly-sized containers with matching spoons includes four different colors so everyone can have their own. You can save the splurge trip to the frozen yogurt store for that extra special treat.

Fun and Function

Crystalia Garlic Saver Box

At the other end of the flavor spectrum, the Garlic Saver Box and Masher by Crystalia is a must-have. The two-piece set features whimsical garlic-shaped containers and includes one garlic chopper and one garlic storage box to help preserve garlic for your much-loved savory dishes. The mincer is comfortable to grip and easy to use making this the best and neatest way to chop fresh garlic – we know garlic powder just won’t cut it for your favorite recipes. Store the remaining garlic in the storage container for prolonged freshness.

These convenient and clever containers by Guzzini are perfectly designed to store bread and can be used for so many other items. Made in Italy, the elegant and exceptionally versatile Tierra Plastic Bread Bin with Bamboo Breadboard Top and the smaller size Tierra Container for Bread and Confectionery  are ideal storage containers for your bakery products – fresh bread, biscuits, breadsticks, sliced bread, pastries or almost any other confection. A little bit of both modern and rustic, they look great on your countertop and match almost any décor. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, the containers feature bamboo wood lids to seal in freshness– and actually double as cutting boards! Keep both sizes on hand for quick cutting and serving, and easy storage right after. The most convenient breadbasket upgrade since sliced bread.

Clearly Convenient

Food Container

Healthy habits start at home and are made much easier with the right equipment. Crystalia’s Multi-Colored Glass Storage Containers set of four glass storage containers are perfect for those smaller items. Store those extra little bits of garnish or your favorite dip that you just can’t bear to waste. Prepare a gourmet “make your own salad” station, prep and pre-measure ingredients in advance to make cook time shorter -- or just feel super cool and pretend you’re a TV chef with these cuties lined up on the counter. 

Dreamfarm Orlid Lite 4 Jar Set

Stackable spice jars from Dreamfarm are the next step in chic prep and storage. The Orlid Lite Four Jar Set are clear containers featuring a double lid that opens with the press of a button -- just shake or scoop as needed. Flip open to a 3-way adjustable shaker dial for different sized spices -- or open fully for pouring with just one hand. The award-winning design makes it easy to nest in stacks and takes up less space in the cupboard, yet it’s chic enough to display on the counter for convenience while cooking. Airtight and watertight jars help keep condiments and dips fresh, and your kitchen organized and clean. 

Caesarea Lucite Cookie Jar with Gold Flower Handle

If you’re looking for fancier food storage options, Caesarea Lucite Cookie Jar with Gold Flower Handle has you and your confections covered. With a high-quality, thick Lucite and charming flower design handle, these elegant clear canisters can be used for display, to elevate your kitchen space or even for serving. Available in three sizes, they also make a great gift option when filled with your special secret recipe cookies. Practical can also be pretty.



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