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Gourmet Gadgets: Essential Kitchen Tools for the At-Home Chef
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Gourmet Gadgets: Essential Kitchen Tools for the At-Home Chef

You love dining out but you also really love staying in. Recreating (ahem, hacking) your favorite restaurant dishes at home is your preferred go-to activity – and needless to say, more economical.

Who really has the time or energy to recreate those gastronomic masterpieces without a sous chef – or at least the right equipment? Having the proper cookware and most essential kitchen tools goes a very long way – especially when the tools are multi-purpose.

Whether cooking for your family or trying to impress a new friend, nobody wants to look or feel like they’ve been slaving away for hours…and proper presentation is pretty important too.

The following list of kitchen tools will help you prepare like a pro, from the main course to the finishing touches, and get you in and out of the kitchen with your gourmet meal complete - and your sanity intact. Michelin stars pending…

Garlic and Garnish 

No self-respecting gourmand would skip out on the fresh garlic in favor of jarred or – yikes – garlic powder. Time and efficiency are always at a premium nonetheless. In comes the latest and greatest garlic gadget the EZEE Garlic Press by Gusto.  Easy to squeeze and just as easy to clean, this handy gourmet gadget is available in black, green or red. 

Press garlic cloves with one hand - with or without peeling cloves! The large capacity hopper features a unique hexagonal blade pattern in the cutter plate that provides perfectly prepared garlic for all of your savory recipes – from the copycat recipe from your local restaurant to your grandmother’s homemade pasta sauce to your own secret special salad dressing. When you’re all done the garlic press door unlatches for super easy cleanup. Just be sure to keep the breath mints on hand...

Gourmet chefs don’t cut corners but they often do need to cut down on prep time. The Gefu Transforma Rotary Grater with three drums will be your new favorite sous chef. An awesome multifunctional rotary grater with extra sharp laser-cut drums processes everything from fruit and vegetables to chestnuts, cheese, chocolate, nuts and more. The simple yet sturdy mechanism preps your ingredients as needed -- coarsely, finely or into slices -- all options at your fingertips with the flick of the wrist. The professional-style grater offers a suction base and leaves room for bowls to be placed directly underneath for the most convenient food prep. Let everyone ooh and aah at your elaborate “handiwork.” The three drums are dishwasher safe -- in case your kitchen crew is off for the night.   

Salsas and Salads

Make your home kitchen the newest hot spot – whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or going for a random “Taco Tuesday” vibe. Serve up the spicy and the savory with a little help from the Gefu Cubico Cube & Onion Cutter. This super sharp super cute cube slicer provides tear-free cutting of onions and vegetables…that is, without tears from the onions or from hours of labor. This awesome gadget easily cuts your vegetable cubes for salads, sides, fillings and more – with no mess and no fuss -- and most importantly, cuts your prep time. The clear container can also be used to store your diced veggies in the fridge for practical prior preparation. This convenient companion is sure to become one of your most essential kitchen tools.

Cooler Cookware 

Looking to recreate some of your favorite smokehouse dishes at home? We all know it’s dependent on the right gear. Demeyere Resto Four Piece Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker Set is the perfect piece to add to your kitchen collection. This convenient and compact culinary cutie can be used for smoking all kinds of fish, meat, seafood, poultry or vegetables -- and can even be used as a steamer. Add wood chips to help infuse your food with that rich smoked taste you’ve been craving since your last night out at that most buzzed-about BBQ joint.

Better than any carry-out rotisserie chicken is the one made at home with love – and with your own special spice rub, of course. The Staub Cast Iron 9.5" Vertical Chicken Roaster is where simple food gets elevated. Add flare and flavor to your kitchen and your table with this handsome piece of cast iron cookware featuring a cool enamel exterior. Just place your best bird on top and fill it with the heartiest of veggies for an all-in-one meal – how easy and yet so tasty. Natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron offer exceptional browning and this unique piece can actually be used for baking too.  Home cooking doesn’t mean you want to spend hours hand washing your cookware, so this sturdy piece is chip-resistant and dishwasher safe – and made in France for that extra “fancy” feeling. 

Faster and More Festive  

These elegant oven-to-table pieces will help you cook and serve with both ease and restaurant flair. Crystalia Terracotta Cooking Bowls come in a convenient set of six. Another awesome multipurpose kitchen essential, the bowls are safe for the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher. The set offers an authentic rustic look while the gorgeous glazed-colored interiors keep the vibe fresh and fun. The Terracotta Cooking Bowls from Europe are great for gifting too – already packaged in a gift-ready box. From quiches to condiments, individual dishes and delicate desserts, these adorable bowls are sure to please your guests and your gourmet aspirations. 

Want to feel like the master chef that you are? Treat yourself to the Staub Cast Iron 3.5-Quart Braiser. The versatile multi-purpose piece is perfect for sautéing, frying, braising, and roasting large cuts of meat. The braiser beautifully transitions from oven to table and is easy to clean. Made in France of an enameled cast iron, it is available in several brilliant colors, helping to set the table and the vibe. This gorgeous and practical piece is sure to become one of your most used and most beloved kitchen tools; you may actually consider never eating out again… well, who are we kidding... 



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