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Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas
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Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

If you love to cook or just spend a good amount of time making meals for yourself or your family, keeping your kitchen countertops organized can be a chore. Luckily, there are products out there that keep everything tidy without adding extra clutter. We’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen countertop organization ideas as well as products that will keep your kitchen feeling neat. After all, if you have a place for everything, you’ll always know where to find it! 

Get a dishcloth or sponge holder

Not only does a dishcloth or sponge clutter up your counter space, but it can invite mildew if it’s left on the countertop where it can’t adequately dry. A dishcloth or sponge holder like this contemporary one from HAPPY SiNKS is a great solution. It’s easy to attach to any metal or composite sink — no tools or adhesives needed. It also comes in two color options — charcoal bio composite and sleek stainless steel.


Get a spoon rest

Wiping down the stovetop can be a pain, but a dirty one makes your kitchen look messier. Save yourself time by using a spoon rest. There are a lot of chic options out there that contribute to your kitchen’s decor and will keep your stovetop clean and tidy.



Carmel Ceramica

Display with cupholders

If you live in a space with limited kitchen storage or have open shelving storage, a pretty cup holder comes in handy. This will free up counter space by making your cups stackable. This set of six Guzzini cup holders is made from recycled post-consumer PET water bottles. The holders are both elegant & functional, and because they come in earth tones, they'll fit into nearly any kitchen's decor. 


Use a utensil organizer

If you have limited cabinet storage, use a utensil organizer to round up all of your large spoons and spatulas, or any other utensil that's taking up too much real estate in your cabinets. Store them next to your stove for quick and easy access when you're cooking meals.



Ceramic Utensil Holder

Or pull double duty with a pitcher

While pitchers are great for entertaining when guests are over, they take up a lot of storage space. If you have limited cabinets, use your pitcher to store your large kitchen utensils.


Try a spice jar set

Random containers of spices with different labels can make a kitchen countertop feel more cluttered. If there isn't enough space in your cabinets to store your spices, get a spice jar set so that it looks uniform. Place it next to your stovetop so your favorite spices will be handy when you're cooking meals.


Invest in a knife block

Simply having a designated area to hold items reduces the look of clutter on countertops. If you don't have enough storage space to keep all of your large knives, get a knife block to store next to your stovetop so that they're all in one organized place. A knife block also keeps your knives sharper and eliminates the danger of cutting yourself while reaching into a drawer.


Or hang knives from a magnetic rack

Another option is to install a magnetic rack onto open wall space. That way you can free up some counter space and have quick access to whatever knives you need. It also adds a culinary touch to kitchen decor, making your guests wonder if you moonlight as a chef. 

Store odds and ends in a pretty glass jar

Because we actually live in our homes, odds and ends often end up on the kitchen countertops. Keep a decorative jar on your countertop or kitchen island so that you and your family can drop those items in there.

Classic Touch

Use trays for items you use daily

Another option for rounding up odds and ends or items that you use daily is a decorative tray. Go for something that has a decent lip and some pizzazz to elevate your kitchen decor.




Or get a table caddy

A caddy is another great option for keeping items neat and tidy on your countertop. This can also double as a dining table item, too.



Get a wine rack

If you're storing multiple bottles of wine on your countertops, make it look more intentional and decorative with a wine rack. Since it's stackable, it will also free up counter space.


Shelve your cookbooks

If you're someone who has a lot of cookbooks, consider moving them from the countertop to a shelf. If you have limited space, there are plenty of floating shelving options or you could decoratively stack them on top of wall cabinets.

Store good-looking large cookware on top of your fridge

Large cookware can be difficult to fit in cabinets. Display your best-looking items like a dutch oven on top of your fridge. Speaking of good-looking cookware, this Ceramic Pumpkin cocotte oven from Staub is a stylish addition to any kitchen.


Double your cakestand as a tray

Speaking of good-looking cookware, a cakestand can double as a tray to hold items on your countertop.

Classic Touch

Store dish scrubbers on the inside of cabinet doors

Scrubbers and dishwashing accessories can really clutter up a kitchen and aren't the prettiest to look at. Install hooks on the inside of your cabinets so that you can hang them out of sight, but still within reach when you need to wash dishes.

Use a paper towel rack or stand

Instead of storing a roll of paper towels on its own wherever they tend to get placed on your countertops, use a paper towel rack that complements your decor. Not only will it create an intentional space for it, but it will also be easier to dispense.




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