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Simple Ways To Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Experience
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Simple Ways To Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Experience

outdoor dining

Entertaining your family and friends at home is one of life’s biggest joys. But when the celebrations call for outdoor dining, even the most experienced hosts can feel bewildered. 

At Sabavi Home, we believe taking meal time from the dining room to the patio shouldn’t hinder your style. Which is why we recommend putting as much thought and attention into your outdoor entertaining space as you do the rest of your home. 

Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner under the stars to indulge in a hearty shiraz with your closest friends, or a peaceful, sun soaked alfresco zone to share family lunches, it’s important to invest in pieces that foster a memorable experience for everyone. 

To help you create an atmosphere that works for your backyard year round, we’ve identified a few simple ways to boost your outdoor dining experience. From soft lighting to break-resistant tableware, these recommendations will enhance your outdoor entertainment area and ensure you use it regularly – not just during the warmer months. 

Introduce unique lighting 

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to support a warm and characterful atmosphere. To create a playful, relaxed vibe, you might consider stringing garlands of fairy lights around your space, or hanging lanterns from the surrounding tree branches. 

Cordless lamps also provide a delightful ambience as the sun begins to set. Sleek, portable and rechargeable, cordless lamps can be adjusted to establish the ideal lighting for dark spaces and night-time use outdoors.

black cordless lamp

Investing in cordless lamps like the Zafferano Poldina Pro (which is available in not one, but three garden-friendly sizes) or the Zafferano Dama is a simple way to balance both your decorative and functional needs. 

zafferano dama cordless rechargeable lamp

These portable lamps are easy to move around, provide up to 15 hours of illumination, and support energy-efficient LED light bulbs. They also feature dimmer knobs so you can set the ideal brightness and color temperature for your outdoor dining occasion. 

Fire burners are another sure-fire way to illuminate your space and create instant happiness at the same time.  While it can feel more practical to entertain indoors on cooler evenings, a fire burner will add a cozy, stylish focal point to your outdoor dining area.  Not only do they provide heat, they sweeten the mood of your family gatherings or special events.

KL Collection Large Square with 3" Burner

We love the assortment by KL collection – they’re safe, non-combustible, and incredibly eye catching. Both the Large Square with 3" Burner and the Frame with 3" Burner are favorites among our team, but you can browse the entire collection of unique and dramatic fire burners now by navigating to this page

Invest in break-resistant tableware 

Breakage is one of the many gripes outdoor entertainers face, so as you head outside to enjoy meals alfresco, you’re going to need dinnerware that is tough and lightweight. 

Affordable, low maintenance, and virtually invincible, melamine is a durable material that won’t have you breaking a sweat as your guests mingle in your backyard. Available in a variety of styles and patterns to suit your individual taste, there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics either.  

If you’re searching for a dinnerware set that can hold up against outdoor parties, these 

flowery bowl

Garden Floral Melamine Bowls by Tarhong are a must-buy. Featuring a bright, vibrant pattern, they are dishwasher safe, break-resistant, and with their beautiful, sunny hue, they’re sure to be a conversation-starter.

Of course elevating your outdoor dining experience goes far beyond the plates you select – you’ll also want to introduce indestructible serving platters and appetizer trays, too. 

Beatriz Ball Vida Nube Round Melamine Pedestal Cake Plate


The Sabavi Home team has been eying the Beatriz Ball Vida Nube Round Melamine Pedestal Cake Plate. Rendered in classic white, it’s the perfect centerpiece for outdoor dining. And while it looks beautiful adorned with a freshly baked cake or rich dessert, you can also pile it high with ripe citrus fruits during the summer months, or dress it with cheese, herbs, and nuts for winter soirees. 

melamine appetizer tray

We also adore the scalloped edge Chinoiserie Botanical Melamine Appetizer Tray, and the Grace Acrylic Serving Platter. Available in sky gray, clear white and navy blue, this striking platter by Guzzini makes everything from chocolate to cured meats look twice as appetizing. 

Add texture with table linens and accessories   

Whether you’re entertaining friends, or simply enjoying a meal with your immediate family, dressing your outdoor dining space with elevated elements such as table runners, placemats, or stylish serving pieces will add personality and character. 

melamine servers

These Rio Medallion Melamine Servers have an intricate, dazzling pattern that is hard to take your eyes off. What’s more, they’re undeniably practicable – great for serving pasta, salads, and roasted vegetables. 

fiesta table runner

The Fiesta Table Runner by Bodrum Linens is another fun, festive and fabulous piece. Perfect for introducing extra color and texture to your  outdoor table setting, it will also protect the center of your table from spills, messes, or the external elements. 

fiesta napkins

Table runners look best when used with decorative (yet functional) items like placements or napkins. For a coordinated look, you might consider the Fiesta Napkins, or opt for something a little bolder by pairing it with these tomato-colored Wicker Placemats

It’s worth keeping in mind that selecting the right shapes and colors is crucial for fostering feelings of intimacy and connection, and creating a soothing, welcoming atmosphere for you and your company.

If brightly-hued table linens aren’t the right choice for you, we have a wide assortment of runners, napkins and placemats that you can browse on the Sabavi Home website now

Spread joy with fun and functional utensils 

Outdoor entertaining should nurture memories that last a lifetime, and one of the best ways to do this is with functional utensils that will have everybody talking. 

The Sabavi Home team has curated a practical assortment of handy gadgets that won’t only help you master outdoor cooking – they’ll bring smiles to the table. 

pizza cutter

We all know that on cool nights, nothing beats a slice of scrumptious and comforting homemade pizza under the stars. And with the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter you won’t only be able to slice and serve without losing any toppings, you’ll wow your guests at the same time.  Featuring scissor-style blades for slicing. and a spatula shoe for serving, it is a far cry from the traditional pizza wheel. An essential addition to your next pizza party! 

set of stainless steel bbq grill tools


Of course, sparkling, summer nights call for firing up the BBQ. This Set of Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tools provides everything you need to grab chargrilled veggies, flip beef burgers, and serve mouthwatering seafood. It also includes a silicone basting brush so you can marinate your food as desired, a flexible “chopula” (a spatula with a serrated edge, so it can serve and cut food), click lock tongs, and a magnetic holder that opens bottles and catches the caps. 

hamburger press

This brilliant Spark Hamburger Press by Gefu is another clever pick for outdoor dining and is sure to impress. Ideal for meat or vegetarian patties, this simple, two-part utensil molds perfectly shaped burgers – complete with classic, insta-worthy grill marks. 

white icepo

We also think you can’t go past the Dreamfarm White Icepo – it’s an ice cream scoop that creates delectable ice cream sandwiches, too. This stainless steel cutter easily pushes into all blends of ice cream (vegan included), so everyone with a sweet tooth can taste the joy. 

Yes, you can create an inviting and memorable outdoor dining experience for you and your guests.

There’s a lot to consider when designing an outdoor dining space that aligns with your taste and needs, but we hope these tips have inspired you to do more of what you love – catching up with the most special people in your life over a delicious, home-prepared meal. 

Before your next outdoor soiree, why not  browse our handpicked collection of outdoor dining essentials? Discover the assortment now on the Sabavi Home website.



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