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20 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Cordless Lamp
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20 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Cordless Lamp

Blog Post Header - 20 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Cordless Lamp | Sabavi Home

Good lighting can transform your home. Whether you’re introducing galaxy lights into your theater, stringing fairy bulbs around your terrace, or accentuating your sitting room with sculptured table lamps, the right type of glow really can elevate your space. 

But of course, excessive visible wires can dampen the mood – or at least cause a major tripping hazard. Which is why investing in high quality and stylish cordless lamps is a must for the house-proud. 

With so many new options on the market, you may be tempted to fill every corner of your home with a cordless lamp – but there are a few key points to consider when deciding on the best style for you.  

Ahead, we share 21 things you need to know before buying your first cordless lamp. 

1. Understand the battery life  

Battery life is a big factor to consider when purchasing a cordless lamp – after all, you want to enjoy it to the fullest! ‘Battery life’ is the amount of time the lamp runs before it needs to be recharged. So the longer the battery life, the longer you can use the lamp before you have to recharge it. 

One of the best selling cordless lamps in the Sabavi Home collection is the Zafferano Poldina Pro. Not only is it a beautiful design, but it lasts for 9+ hours before needing to reboot in its charging cradle. 

Be sure to check the estimated battery life on the cordless lamp you’re eyeing and compare with other designs out there.

2. Identify the recharge time 

Zafferano Cordless Lamp Charging Time

One of the true benefits of the cordless lamp is that it is rechargeable. Still, that lamp is no use to you if takes endless hours – or even days – to power up. So do yourself a favor and take notice of the recharge time before you welcome a cordless lamp into your abode.

As a general rule, a cordless lamp with a recharge time of no more than 6-9 hours is ideal. Simply plug it in before you turn in for the evening and voila! It’s ready to go by breakfast. 

We also recommend confirming that the battery won’t overload if you leave it in on the charger hours after the charging cycle is complete. While most cordless lamps are designed with protective measures that prevent the battery from overcharging once full (the Zafferano lamps fall into this camp), it never hurts to check. 

3. Consider the brightness 

Zafferano Cordless Lamp - Consider The Brightness

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your cordless lamp is, it will mean nothing if the lighting isn’t right. Lights that are too bright can ruin the setting, while not enough light can make some rooms unusable as night falls. 

That’s why it’s important to choose your cordless lamp carefully and be mindful of the type of light bulbs it can support. 

Most cordless lamps are powered by LED bulbs, which measure light energy consumption by lumens rather than traditional watts. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. 

If you’ll be using your cordless lamp for reading, we suggest selecting an LED bulb that offers 800 lumens. Old school, that’s approximately 60 watts. 

You don’t need to be a light bulb wizard to figure the conversion out – most light bulbs will include a watt-lumen chart. If in doubt, ask the retailer. 

4. Is it dimmable? 

Could you imagine if you were unable to control the volume on your smart device? Or the temperature level of your split system? Even your sandwich press lets you decide how long to toast your lunch.

So a cordless lamp that is either at full steam or switched off is not going to be of much use to you.

Being able to adjust the brightness of your cordless lamp puts the power in your hands (pun intended), so you’ll want to seek out a cordless lamp with a dimmer switch. 

Dimmers provide many benefits – from creating ambiance, to adjusting light levels. Reading by the fire? Turn it up. Enjoying a romantic dinner with your significant other? Turn it down. A cordless lamp with a dimmer switch lets you illuminate your home as you see fit. 

Just be sure to select a dimmable light bulb too, as not all are. 

5. Work out the color temperature you want 

Color Temperature Example

Color temperature might not be something you think about much, but it can subtly enhance certain elements of your favorite room or specific areas in your home. It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of what it means before you pick out your new cordless lamp. 

Color temperature is a term that describes how warm (yellow) or cool (blue) the color of light emitted from a bulb appears. As a rule, warm light is best used in your living room, dining room, bedroom, and hallways as it creates a relaxing effect. 

Cool light on the other hand is better reserved for your kitchen, bathroom, or home office –anywhere you prefer clear, natural and fresh light. 

When deciding on a cordless lamp for your space, assess what type of bulbs it can hold and where you’ll likely position it. This will help you determine the color temperature you’re aiming for, so you don’t end up with a cordless lamp emitting cool light in your bedroom. 

6. Be mindful of the bulb type 

Buying a light bulb is a little more complicated than it sounds. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up any old bulb you find at the grocery store and think it will work in your lamp. 

When choosing the right light bulb for your cordless lamp, you’ll want to look for the Energy Star label – this will highlight the bulb’s brightness, color temperature, expected lifespan and energy usage.

While most cordless lamps support LEDs (which are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs), some will require halogen or even fluorescent so be sure to double check before you make your purchase.

7. Take stock of the size and design 

Zafferano Cordless Lamp - Sleek Design

Consider where you will position your cordless lamp and what it will mostly be used for. Are you seeking a desk lamp, a table lamp, something that can double as both? Remember, your cordless lamp needs to do more than light your favorite room - it needs to add a tasteful accent to your space too.

Here’s a few rules to keep in mind: 

  • The shade should be twice as wide as the diameter of the base of the lamp
  • The lampshade should be no wider than the table it sits on
  • Your lamp should complement the furniture and decor in the room

The Zafferano Poldina Pro is one of the most popular cordless lamps in the Sabavi Home collection. Featuring a streamlined aluminum body, it comes in three sizes and an assortment of colors, including black, sage and chrome. 

You can browse the full assortment here

8. Is it portable? 

Zafferano Cordless Lamp - Portable

By definition – all cordless lamps are portable. They’re easy to place and move around different spots in your home, because they’re not tied to any power outlets. Cordless, rechargeable lamps eliminate the bending to unplug and replug them into the outlet.

But if you anticipate relocating your cordless lamp regularly, be sure to assess its weight and stature. The novelty of these cordless wonders will taper off quickly if they’re too bulky or heavy to move. They're designed to give you light – not a workout! 

9. Analyze the energy efficiency - can your cordless lamp support LED bulbs? 

If you want to invest in a cordless lamp that is good for the planet and your wallet, select an option that supports LED light bulbs. Most do, but not all, so be sure to check. 

LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy than your average incandescent bulb.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing your bulbs every 3-4 months - in fact some LED bulbs can last for more than 10 years! 

And yes, in case you were wondering, the entire Zafferano collection does use LED light bulbs. 

10. Determine its durability

When investing in a cordless lamp, you want it to withstand wear, pressure, or damage - especially if you plan on using it outside. 

The best cordless lamp will be made from durable materials like die-cast aluminum or rubber wood, so they can endure everyday use and the external elements. 

11. Is it remote controlled?

Getting cozy on your sofa but need to switch off your cordless lamp or turn down the brightness? Investing in a cordless lamp that you can operate with a remote control is key. 

A remote control will allow you to transform the mood at the simple touch of a button –adjust the light level, or simply switch the lamp on and off. 

Not all cordless lamps can be operated by a remote control so understand your options before taking one home. 

12. Is it smart device compatible? 

Imagine the convenience of switching off the lamps your kids left on with a simple voice command!  There’s a lot to be said for a whole-home connected lighting setup and with today’s technology, some cordless lamps are comparable with your smart device – so you can control the lamp while you’re on the move. 

If the cordless lamp you choose is smart device compatible, you’ll be able to dim, turn it off, or turn it on wherever you are – even from outside your house. 

These high-tech cordless lamps come with a higher price tag though, so be sure to assess your budget before setting your sights on one.

13. Ask about the warranty 

A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to a purchaser of an item by its manufacturer, outlining the repair or replacement policy if a fault arises during a specified time period. 

A great cordless lamp will have a minimum 1 year warranty (sometimes up to 3 or even 5 years). Make sure that you know the warranty that comes with your cordless lamp. If necessary, contact the manufacturer to find out.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use it – but it’s certainly nice to have!

14. Research the brand’s reputation 

You wouldn’t want to buy a cordless lamp from a manufacturer with a bad reputation for faulty products, unsustainable materials, inflated prices or for treating staff poorly, would you? 

If you’ve found a design you like but you’re unfamiliar with the manufacturer, a quick Google search will help you get a feel for what the brand represents. 

Check out any recent news stories, marketing campaigns and how they present themselves on social media. 

15. Price, price, price

There is so much variation in the cost of cordless lamps. You’ll find varieties ranging from $25 to $2,500 so consider your budget and choose a price range you’re comfortable with. 

If the lamp is made from luxe materials, like marble or rare woods, it will be more expensive. Same goes if the lamp is hand painted or finished with metallic colors.

As a general rule, if you’re after a stylish and high-quality cordless lamp, you’ll likely need to fork out $150 or more. 

A good way to think about it is cost per use – if you’re using your cordless lamp every day, spending a few hundred dollars is money well spent. 

16. Seek out reviews

Seek Out Reviews - 20 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Cordless Lamp

Product reviews are arguably the most useful way to eliminate any reservations you have about taking the leap and buying your first cordless lamp. 

Online reviews are a major source of social proof and can help you make an informed choice before landing on your selection. So be sure to pay it forward by leaving your own review when you purchase your cordless lamp. 

That being said, emerging online retailers won’t have clocked many product reviews. But there are simple ways to assess if they’re trustworthy. For one, they should have an ‘Authorized Dealer’ tick of approval. You could also take some time to review their presence on social media to get a feel for the brand and how they interact with their customers and followers.     

17. Assess its safety 

While it’s not common, cordless lamps (like all lamps) can pose a fire danger in certain circumstances. Leaving your lamp on for hours at a time is probably not too risky, but positioning it next to combustible materials might be. 

Fortunately, most cordless lamps support LED bulbs, and since these are cooler than traditional light bulbs they’re less likely to ignite anything. If safety is a priority for you, a cordless lamp that uses LED light bulbs like the Zafferano Olimpia Cordless Rechargeable Lamp is your preferred option. 

18. Can you change the light direction?  

Zafferano Sister Light

Being able to adjust the direction of the light source is something to consider. Some cordless lamps will come equipped with a swing arm, so you can adjust where the light shines. 

This feature will help ease eye strain while reading too, so it’s a good idea to keep light direction top of mind when researching your options. 

19. Familiarize yourself with the power source 

Zafferano Cordless Lamps Charging Points

Cordless lamps do not use traditional electrical cords, plugs and outlets. Instead, they are usually powered through rechargeable batteries. Most cordless, rechargeable lamps come with a charging dock or USB port. 

The power source will be outlined on the product description, but if you’re not clear don’t hesitate to ask. 

20. How do you charge it?

Finally, assess what type of charging device the cordless lamp you’ve got your heart set on uses. Certain designs come with a charging cradle, others have a USB port, and a handful come equipped with both. You may not have a preference either way, but understanding how to charge your cordless lamp is critical – you don’t want to get caught in the dark! 

What you should consider is the expected run time and how long the charging cycle takes. We elaborated further on this in point 2 – but as a guide, the Zafferano lamps last for up to 15 hours and take an average of 9 hours to recharge.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand everything you need to keep in mind before purchasing your first cordless lamp. Now it’s time for the fun part – shopping! 

You can browse our collection of cordless lamps right now by heading here. 




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