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Keep Food and Wine Fresh Longer With Airtender
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Keep Food and Wine Fresh Longer With Airtender

Airtender Food and Wine Saver Vacuum Set Lifestyle Image

Vacuum sealing - the money-saving kitchen tip you need to know now

We’ve all taken notice of inflation and the rising cost of food. Grocery prices are going up and resourcefulness is not just trending, but becoming an essential life skill. Less food waste is an absolute goal for the year ahead. We can shop smart, buy less and cook more cleverly at home, yet there’s a lot more to explore in the realm of food preservation. For all of the leftover foods, we really try hard not to discard -- that yummy fresh-cut fruit salad, or the last few ounces of your mom’s famous marinara that you promised to not let go to waste, or the ubiquitous salad bags wilting away as we speak -- there is an important solution you may not have known about – vacuum sealing.

The Airtender Food and Wine Saver Vacuum Set turns virtually any jar into a vacuum storage container for keeping food fresher for longer. The ingenious Airtender system not only keeps food and wine fresher longer, but it can also help you to prepare healthier meals and add extra zest to your gourmet dishes by marinating and infusing flavors in no time. Most significantly, vacuum sealing helps minimize preventable waste. 

What is vacuum sealing? 

Vacuum sealing works by removing oxygen from the food storage container to prevent spoilage and keep food fresher for longer. Vacuum sealing provides an air-tight environment, which helps to preserve the flavor, texture and nutritional value of your food. Airtender has brought this professional method of airtight packaging to your home kitchen at a low cost by utilizing the glass jars you already own. Superior to a plastic storage container or flimsy zipper bag, glass storage containers are better for your food, your pocket and the environment.

Give your kitchen an economically sound upgrade with these newest smart kitchen tools. Airtender's handy kitchen gadget creates vacuum storage containers from almost any canning jars or bottles that you already have at home. 

Did you know?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, food waste is estimated at a shocking level - 30-40% of the food supply!  Based on estimates at the retail and consumer levels, that’s approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food. Food is the largest category of material placed in municipal landfills and sadly, represents wasted nourishment. 

One of the primary issues is spoilage. Food begins breaking down throughout the chain and accelerates more quickly when not properly handled; bacteria can begin to grow during production and transport, and in supermarkets. Food waste is common in restaurants and the catering industry, but especially in people's homes. 

Getting the freshest food on our table is the first step, keeping it fresh is the next thing we can do to minimize waste. While we can’t always cook the most perfectly sized portions each day, especially if there are a few hungry mouths to feed, we have options for preserving and utilizing what we have. Though none of us can solve global issues alone, we can start at home by modeling conscientious and healthy habits for our loved ones.  

How it actually works

Bacteria need oxygen to grow so why not keep them out to begin with? More economical than other pricey food-saving gadgets, the Airtender Food Saver works with jars you already own. Alny canning jar with a metal lid can be converted into a reusable vacuum storage container with the all-in-one Airtender Food and Wine Saver Vacuum Set. This set includes the original Airtender vacuum pump, a lid punch and three reusable Nanostoppers.

With the right tools anything can be easy-- and in this case even fun. The Airtender lid punch easily creates a perfectly sized hole in your existing metal jar cap so that the food-safe Nanostopper fits perfectly in the hole. Place the vacuum pump on top of the stopper and start pumping. This operation typically takes about three minutes in total – and your food stays fresh for up to 5X  longer. 

Keep your wine fine 

Vacuum sealing helps preserve the rich aroma and flavor of your wine by protecting it from oxygen and counteracting the aging process. Using the same easy-to-maneuver pump, the Airtender system works with any open screw top or cork-sealed wine bottle, ensuring that you enjoy every last drop of your favorite vintage.

The food-grade silicone Nanostopper has a visible vacuum indicator when correctly sealed. The stopper even fits flat under a wine bottle screw cap, offering 100% leak-proof storage, whether in the refrigerator, horizontally in a wine rack or in a climate-controlled cabinet. The low profile seal works for cork tops too – much easier and more discreet than attempting to jam the original cork back into the bottle, while keeping your wine fresh up to 5X longer.

Airtender keeps your palate in mind as well and offers a choice of sets specifically for wine lovers. The Airtender Wine Lover's Set comes complete with a vacuum pump, 3 Nanostoppers  and a wine aerator -- all you need for enjoying and then preserving the wine. It’s easy to use the air pump and stainless-steel aerator to add the perfect amount of oxygen to each glass and bring your wine to life in less time. Vacuum to reseal the bottle for perfect freshness and flavor every time.

Maximum Taste, Minimum Waste

Vacuum sealing offers so many benefits -- fresh food, less waste, more taste; how about organized “meal prep”? This trend is popular among the busiest households and is considered a model of efficiency in the home kitchen. The idea revolves around cooking numerous dishes for the week over the weekend and then mixing it up to make a variety of meals for the week ahead. Proper food storage containers are an absolute key to success here, and the Airtender vacuum sealing system takes the concept to another whole level. 

Imagine how rewarding it is to use your same delicious homemade marinade for numerous dishes, or be able to enjoy your leftover salad from Sunday dinner as an extra side dish later in the week? Likely even more enjoyable with those last drops of wine perfectly preserved from the expensive bottle you opened days ago…

Vacuum sealing preserves the life of your groceries, such as everyday items like your favorite pasta sauce. Whether you splurged for the gourmet artisanal variety or your favorite store brand, any remaining sauce will begin to spoil as soon as the jar has been opened. Simply use the Airtender Food Saver system to turn the jar into a vacuum-sealed reusable jar; the easy-to-use Airtender vacuum pump will remove virtually all oxygen from the jar, leaving food fresh and flavorful.

Once a jar is empty, you can wash and reuse it for storage of different fresh food that would ordinarily go bad within a few days. From cut-up fruits or veggies to jams and dressings, almost anything can be vacuum sealed to extend its life. The Airtender Food Saver works especially well to extend the taste and freshness of nonperishable foods such as nuts, cookies, crackers and so much more. Place those dry goods in your clean glass jars and vacuum seal away.  Foods will stay fresh, convenient and even more appealing in glass jars, whether displayed on your countertop or in your cabinet. 

Fun fresh food  

Now for the really fun part – vacuum sealing with Airtender is the gourmet hack that will take your dishes to the next level. Prepare pickled onions for garnish and salads or marinated veggies as a healthy zesty colorful side dish. Removing the oxygen helps to intensify flavors quickly and efficiently, cutting time for marinating and also infusing flavors when prepping food for cooking. Dressings will stay fresher and more tasty preserved in airtight glass jars. 

Vacuum sealing can also be used to infuse any solid food with a liquid - alcoholic or otherwise. Infuse fruits with liqueurs or vegetables with dressing or other unique flavors for more healthy and delicious snacks. Whether you’re into vodkas, vinegars or both, you will undoubtedly be looking for new items to infuse. Once you discover the easy magic of vacuum sealing, your creative juices will keep flowing.

Smart, sustainable and socially conscious  

When it comes to sustainability, Airtender checks all the boxes: It is a low-cost solution for a sustainable kitchen. Food stays fresh longer, less of it ends up in the trash, and even old jars get re-used and avoid the garbage bin. A socially responsible mindset not only includes recycling but reusing and “upcycling” - finding creative repurposing before the item even hits the garbage, and in turn lightening the load on your wallet and the planet. A storage system of glass jars versus plastic storage containers is a win-win; glass is easier on the environment, better for your health and more efficient in keeping food and flavors intact.

Sustainability starts at the source and is considered on all fronts with Airtender. Aside from being committed to helping reduce food waste, the products are sustainably made in Europe, and free of BPA and BPS chemicals. This socially conscious company is also committed to making sustainability accessible to everyone. Production is CO2 friendly and only sustainable and recyclable materials are used in manufacturing making the least possible impact on the planet. The assembly and packaging of products take place in community “social workshop” factories in Holland, giving people with disabilities the opportunity to develop personally while also contributing to the economy. 

Good vibes all around

With their versatility and sleek, elegant, high-quality European design, Airtender products will quickly become your favorite kitchen gadget and your go-to gift items. Pair the Airtender Wine Lovers set with a bottle of their favorite wine to show your host you really care or gift the classic Airtender Food and Wine Saver Vacuum set to your new socially conscious neighbors, or to those sweet newlyweds who you know will be starting out on a tight budget. 

Whether the focus is on the economical, practical, creative or all the above, Airtender has an essential tool for every efficient home kitchen. You won’t remember how you ever handled food storage before Airtender. Help your bottom line and the environment; a truly wise and feel-good purchase for every educated consumer.

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