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The Best and Brightest Kitchen Tools for Everyday Use
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The Best and Brightest Kitchen Tools for Everyday Use

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No kitchen is complete without having all of the basic tools on hand; knives, peelers and cutting boards come out to play for almost every meal prep session. Even if your old workhorses have served you well, it’s probably a good time to consider upgrading your culinary collection with some new and “better” basics to get your food -- and yourself -- to the table quicker. 

We’ve curated some of the best all-purpose kitchen tools that every home chef needs in order to create delicious meals each and every day. Whether displayed strategically on your shelves or counters or stored neatly away, these kitchen gadgets will modernize your kitchen, cut your prep time and even help you have more fun while you’re at it.

A cut above 

knife spreader


Your knives and cutting boards are probably the most used items in the kitchen, and are most likely to be out on the counter the whole way through. Make them the best and the best looking.

cutting board

The Dreamfarm Set of Fledge Bamboo Cutting Boards and Dreamfarm Set of Fledge Grey Cutting Boards will certainly become your new go-to boards. Each set comes with two perfectly-sized cutting boards – convenient to grab whether chopping mint, slicing mango or carving meat. Both boards feature a unique flip-up edge for keeping things neat as you work. The “fledge” and the non-slip rubber feet keep your food and any drippings off the counter and help direct ingredients where they need to go. The included “slimline” stand holds boards vertically or horizontally as your space allows. These award-winning cutting boards come in two sophisticated color options of grey and bamboo, certain to coordinate with virtually any kitchen décor.


multi-purpose knife spreader


You need this. The Dreamfarm Kneed Multi-Purpose Knife and Spreader is the most perfectly sized and shaped all-around knife for slicing, spreading and scooping, featuring a razor-sharp chef’s blade on one side and a brilliant spreader on the other. Reach the bottom of your jars to get that last bit of decadent Nutella, or score and spread your avocado on your toast with ease. The Kneed comes complete with a safety sheath for storage that also turns the knife into a convenient safety cutter. Dishwasher safe and available in the “sharp” colors of red or black, this knife will quickly become the sharpest tool in the kitchen toolbox. 

Slice and dice 

mandolin slicer


Take your talents up a notch with the Gefu Violino Mandolin Slicer. Complete with three interchangeable cutting surface blades, this one cool tool will help you cut food into sticks, cubes or slices. For barbeque season -- or really any season – use the hand wheel at the back to easily adjust the cutting thickness for everything, from the perfect French fries to tasty tomato slices and chunky onion wedges. The gourmet cutter is surprisingly versatile and dishwasher safe, helping cut everything you need – including your clean-up time.




Dreamfarm Sharple Always Sharp Safety Peeler is a must. This handy peeler – and most essential kitchen tool -- sharpens itself automatically every time you open or close its protective cover. The extra sharp Japanese stainless steel blade swivels to cut super close, getting the job done well and with less waste. Peel potatoes, carrots, apples and more without a care -- or perhaps even delegate that job to a willing helper. Superior design, super safe and made to last a lifetime, it just may be the last peeler you’ll ever need to own.

Food prep made fun

set of best kitchen tools


Dreamfarm is absolutely serious about having making sure you have more fun in the kitchen. The Dreamfarm Set of the Best Kitchen Tools has it all -- offering the most functional and versatile utensils in the most festive of colors. Basic but certainly not boring, the set of five must-have tools comes in vibrant color options. Available in “party mix” or “firetruck”, dishwasher-safe and BPA-free -- they will become your favorite and most used kitchen utensils in no time. 




Each tool is a true multipurpose must-have; The Holey Spadle doubles as a straining ladle, perfect for serving pasta, potatoes or pierogis, while the Supoon and Mini Supoon are a pair of clever sit-up spoons that help you stir, measure and scrape. These nylon and silicone utensils are gentle giants that will play nicely with others and protect your precious non-stick pans. 

Spice it up 

hand spice grinder


FinaMill’s Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder in One is the ultimate gadget for seasoning your suppers. Bring multiple layers of flavors with freshly ground herbs and savory spices with an award-winning battery-operated mill that grinds whole spices of all varieties with the push of a single button. Experience the elevated taste sensation of freshly ground flavor – with everything from cacao to coriander.


oil based spices


This gourmet gadget comes with two swappable grinding pods, with additional FinaMill FinaPod Pro Plus pods available to fill with all of your favorite fresh spices. Add the FinaMill Stackable Rectangular Tray to keep everything organized and all ready to go. Six sophisticated color options add style to your kitchen while you’re spicing up your meals. With its elegant design, you’ll even want to leave the mill on the table for guests to season to their specific palates.


garlic press


Fresh garlic is known to be one of the healthiest and most basic savory ingredients around. The EZEE Garlic Press by Gusto will be your best helper in getting garlic going. Press garlic cloves with one hand, amazingly with or without peeling cloves. Large capacity hopper keeps your prep time as efficient as can be. Available in black, green or red, the EZEE garlic press’s hopper door even unlatches for easy cleaning – how easy is that?

Basic is definitely not boring with innovative top-of-the-line, high-quality tools. Enjoy watching your kitchen run more efficiently and save your time and energy (two very precious commodities) when you update your everyday basics. You may even want to buy multiple; having these awesome multi-purpose kitchen utensils at the ready makes cooking so much more fun -- maybe your guests or your family will actually be tempted to join you in the kitchen!

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