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Classic Touch Tableware Guaranteed to Elevate Your Home
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Classic Touch Tableware Guaranteed to Elevate Your Home

What makes Classic Touch better is right in the name. They either take a classic product or design and simply add a touch to it. Or two. Some designers strip down to basic form. Classic Touch starts there, then adds anything but basic, to give that form their signature look. They can’t just do a napkin holder. Eventually that napkin holder looks like a Frank Gehry building. Simple bowls and candlesticks suddenly appear as if they were recovered from an Egyptian archeological dig. We rarely use the word “glam” because it gets so misused. But hey, if the gilded shoe fits. That’s so Classic Touch. 

Relish Dishes

When it comes to relish dishes, Classic Touch has the market pretty cornered. From casual to fancy. First up, the White Porcelain Relish Dish with Gold Design. It has a metallic gold crackled & marbled texture to add a little fancy pop to any table setting. It comes with a solid wood tray and 3 wooden spoons. These are casual enough to be used for pancake toppings. Next up, the White Porcelain Relish Dish with 3 Square Bowls with Gold Trim. These are on the slightly fancier side. Nuts, cheese & capers before the meal or condiments, dips & sauces for the meal. And then there's the 3 Section Glass Relish Dish on Marble Base with Gold Brass. This set is all the way on the formal occasion spectrum. Maybe caviar and fancier olives for this glass, brass and marble-based set.

White Glass Bowl on Gold Base & White Glass Cake Plate on Gold Stem

These are two perfectly paired serving/centerpieces. The bowl is perfect for serving salads, fruits or rolls. Basically anything you would put in a serving bowl that does not have a gold base. The gold base is nice for providing height to your table’s presentation. The gold base is topped with a semi-opaque frosted thick glass bowl. Very similar in design is the White Glass Cake Plate on a gold base or stem. The cake plate can be used for cake obviously, but can be used as a cheese or charcuterie board. A popular repurposing of cake plates is also for floral centerpieces. 

Gold & Silver Glitter Chargers, Plates & Salad Plates.

These collections are somehow as traditional as they are contemporary. First of all, they have chargers. Chargers are usually reserved for the more formal occasion and usually supply the most decorative element to your table setting. Not these. From the chargers, to the dinner plates to the salad plates these are all very simple in design. Just a flat bottom surface with a raised rim. But with the brushed silver and gold finishes, they are effortlessly elegant. You wouldn’t quite use these for a sandwich and salad, but they are not so fancy that you couldn’t pull them out for an impromptu date night.

Napkin Holders

There’s really no way around this. Classic Touch has a stronghold on glam napkin holders. The Square Napkin Holder With Mosaic Design is a perfect balance of mixed metals. The holder is a highly reflective stainless steel with a gold mosaic holder handle. The Square Mirror Napkin Holder with Layered Loop Design is highly polished geometric stainless steel with a mirrored bottom and no handle (some people just don’t like handles on their napkin holders). And the Stainless Steel Square Napkin Holder with V-Design is a fully-mirrored intersection of angles that create a fun faceted aesthetic.  

Decorative Gold Bowls

Maybe we spoke too soon. These aren’t an actual collection but they are absolutely worth talking about as a group. The Decorative Gold Bowls from Classic Touch are about as bougie (yes that’s how you spell it) as we have here at Sabavi Home. They are glamorous enough to serve Cleoptra in Caesars Palace (wait that actually happened). Let’s start off with the Decorative Metal Bowl Gold Rope Design. It is literally a golden stainless steel rope fashioned into a serving bowl. It doesn’t get much more fancy than that. The White Dessert Bowl with Gold Rim is a gorgeous white opaque glass oblong bowl topped with a golden rim. The White Round Bowl with Gold and White Beaded Handles is exactly as it sounds. It’s an 11 inch serving bowl that is perfect for hot dishes (hence the handles).  And the Black and Gold Marbleized Footed Bowl is an elegantly designed glass bowl with a lustrous golden exterior and an onyx black and golden marble interior. 

Black Alabaster Collection


The pièce de résistance of the Classic Touch portfolio is absolutely the Black Alabaster Collection. The serving pieces are probably the most stunning. Because of their height, you are able to see the light through the swirling alabaster pattern in the vertical glass. All of the pieces in the Black Alabaster Collection are finished off with a gold rim or border accent that gives each piece that last touch of elegance (as if they needed anymore). The highlight of the group is probably the Footed Candy Bowl. It is a leaning or slanted bowl (in pottery, sometimes called a symmetrical bowl) with a heavy flared base. The Alabaster Bowl with Base can be a serving bowl for salads or rolls. Or it can be used as a centerpiece for fruits or florals. The Alabaster Cake Plate on Stand rounds out the serving pieces of the collection very well. And we can’t forget about the pieces that started the Classic Touch Black Alabaster Collection - the chargers, dinner plates and salad bowls. Equally elegant and opulent and probably what we should all start our collections with. 



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