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Why We Love Larch Wood Cutting Boards (And Why You Should Too)
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Why We Love Larch Wood Cutting Boards (And Why You Should Too)

You can learn everything you need to know about Larch Wood by the opening copy on our product description page that reads: Please Note: This item is made to order and will ship within 7 business days. There’s no stack on a shelf. There’s no shelf in a warehouse. There’s just raw material and raw human craftsmanship waiting for your name to come across their workbench. So we apologize in advance for those 7 days of excellence. We promise it is worth it. 

Every one-of-a-kind board they build is perfect for prep and presentation. The end-grain construction is the most ideal for the health of your knives and the amazing patterning in the larch wood finishing is stunning enough to be its own decor piece. and have your guests talking.   

Larch Wood One Hander Cutting Board

A wooden cutting board is sitting on a wooden table

This board is the “starter board" for the serious board enthusiast. It is sized just right for any kitchen that has limited space. It’s perfect for light to medium prep and a decent sized hors d'oeuvre or cheese board presentation. Have a couple friends over or a couple families over and any of these 3 sizes will do the task. It comes in 3 sizes, from 12” to 15” at longest, all 1.25” think. The thing about a beautifully patterned board is that even if the board is slightly larger than your party, it still displays well. As opposed to a really blah board that will look completely empty, and ill-planned, if it’s not filled up. It’s just that stunning. 

Larch Wood Cheese Board

Just like every board from Larch Wood, these three cheese boards are definitely adequate  for back of the house prep. But they really shine in presentation mode game time. Also like other Larch Wood boards, the boards have the indestructible soft rubbery feet for a non-slip experience. The 10” diameter round board is definitely the favorite of the group. Followed closely by the 9” square board - both coming in at 2” thick. This line also has a 1.5” thick double wide that is almost 18” long.   

Larch Wood End Curve Cutting Board

This board falls in the medium Larch Wood board category. It boasts a 17” length and 1.5” thickness. It is rectangular in nature but the long ends form about a quarter crescent rounded curve. Still the same easy-on-the-knives easy-on-the-eyes end-grain design. Just a little departure from the perfect rectangle. 

Larch Wood Classic Cutting Board

This series is Larch Wood’s classic best-selling collection hence the name. It comes in a small, medium & large ranging from 18” to 21.5”ish. The medium sized board in the classic series is just slightly longer than the small but this overall classic collection is still in the medium range for all of their boards. Larch wood, as a species, is also known for possessing antimicrobial and rot resistant properties. And in case you might be wondering how Larch Wood handles moisture, It was originally used in boat building and other exterior applications such as decking and fence posts. Just sayin’.

Larch Wood Carver's Board

This board is the beast. It is absolutely for the commercial kitchen, the serious chef or just a homeowner with a larger countertop situation that wants to make a statement. It comes in two sizes maxing out at 24” x 15” and 2” thick. It also weighs more than most new human twins at 15.7 pounds. Unless you are planning on starting your own cooking show, opening your own butcher’s shop or teaching dance lessons, this is the last all purpose board you will ever need to purchase. (The last part was for entertainment value - please do not step a foot on this beautiful masterpiece, thank you.)

Larch Wood Round Cutting Board

Larchwood round cutting board_3884

This is basically the larger version of the round cheese board. The benefits of a round presentation board are the same as the benefits of a round table. On a much smaller scale of course. Visually nothing gets shoved into a corner that has more of a probability falling off the sides. And a round board is also easier to situate with other shapes on the table. But mostly, it’s a visual preference and can depend on everything else you already have that you are going to surround it with.   

Larch Wood Ki Serving/Sushi Board

This board comes between a medium and large profile, one just being slightly longer than the other, with same width and depth. The two of them have a very distinct Japanese design that resembles residential Japanese architecture roof construction. Without going into an architectural history lesson, Japanese curved roofs were designed to distribute weight and forces more evenly, resulting in greater stability and resistance to external forces. That might not entirely be the structural integrity case here, but that is the inspiration for many sushi board designs throughout the world and so it is for the Larch Wood Ki Serving & Sushi Board.

Larch Wood Tiger Stripe Buffet Board

A loaf of bread and a piece of butter on a wooden cutting board

This long, slim masterpiece of patterning is probably the most beautiful creation from Larch Wood. It is only 7” wide but it is 21” long. It’s also Larch Wood’s thickest board at 2.5 inches. The Tiger Stripe Buffet Board is also probably the most intentional of the end-grain arrangements of any of their boards. It is absolutely a party conversation piece because of it’s sheer beauty and length but it’s also very practical at its 7 inch width as it can easily be maneuvered around your spread. 



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