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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Save Your Marriage.
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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Save Your Marriage.

A friend named Mary M. Webster once told us that a gadget was “an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty.” Let’s break that down for a second. “SMALL?” Sure, “Mechanical or Electronic?” K. “Practical?” Totally agree. “Novelty? NOVELTY?” Whoa. False. Negatory. We respectfully disagree Mary. 

Here Are 5 Gadgets To Prove Why Mary Is Soooo Wrong: 

 1. If you want your bottles to last 5x longer and your glasses to taste 5x better, the Airtender Wine Vacuum & Aerator Set is a mandatory. 

Ya know that one person in your family that just breathes life into the party? That’s what the Airtender Wine Aerator does. But it’s to your glasses of wine. The air oxidizes the wine and creates explosive taste instantaneously. And when that uncle that comes over and just sucks the air out of the room? Well that’s what the Airtender Wine Vacuum does. But it’s your wine bottle. And it’s a good thing. After your bottle is sealed with one of the 6 Nanostoppers supplied, you can vacuum the air out of the bottle to immediately give the wine a longer life.

2. Does your sponge have a home? Shouldn’t it? Try this Happy SiNKS Magnetic Sponge Holder. Trust us.

Remember that nice feeling of picking up that cold sponge in the morning? You know that one that has been bathing in its own standing water growing who knows what? Yeah, neither do we. Let this sponge finally have a designated resting place where it can drain and air out its dirty water. If it’s name were Bob, he may just thank you. But you will definitely thank yourself.

3. Because the seed-catching, forearm-saving, squeeze from inside out AND outside in, maximum juice extractor thingy didn’t make the cut, the Dreamfarm Fluicer will change your citrus game forever.

The longer handles require you to use both hands and larger muscle groups in your arms so you don’t murder your wrists. The fresh colors aren’t just for the sake of color either. It comes in 9" green, 10" yellow and 11" orange for, you guessed it, limes, lemons and oranges respectively. It catches seeds, folds flat, and cleans oh so easily. You are already wondering why you don’t have one. Or all three.

4. “Where have you been all my life?” might be the first thing you say to the FinaMill Electric Spice Grinder. You know, if you actually talked while you were cooking.

This gadget was just unofficially inducted into the No-Duh Hall of Fame this year. First of all, who doesn’t secretly want to organize their spice cabinet. Well with this set you get two FinaPods (but don’t worry, you can buy more separately - because you will). Start with your favorite most frequent spices and simply assign them to a pod. Then you grab your FinaMill Grinder and attach it to a pod. And just like that, with one hand, at the touch of a button, a shower of your chosen spices start to fall under an illuminated LED light. Like life itself, the grind is adjustable and the award winning design will make you want to display it on your counter top. 

5. Lights and darks. Polka and hip hop. Eyebrows. Exes. Some things just should stay separated. That’s where Crystalia Take & Go Yogurt Cups come in. Keep your yogurt wet and granola dry until it’s go time. Take & go time!

So you’re on the go. You’re trying to eat healthy. You can’t really take your soup or salad behind the wheel. But if you do, please send in pics of the end result. Yogurt and granola on the go make a ton of sense. Until you realize you can’t get to it immediately. And it sits. Then before you know it, you have a concoction somewhere between an unexpected oatmeal and porridge. In comes Crystalia. The leak-proof lid allows you to keep what you need separated...separate. Dressings and salads. Cereal and milk. Soup and croutons. We could go on and on. 

We could also go on and on about our gadget collection because these are only some of our favorites. Way more here



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