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If You’ve Ever Felt Like You Were Sharing Too Much.
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If You’ve Ever Felt Like You Were Sharing Too Much.

We’ve all been there at some point. It started when you were college roommates. Then maybe as a young professional at your first job. Then your live-in significant other. Then your family. It’s the inevitable social phenomenom called “living with other imperfect humans.” And by “other imperfect” that means you too. There is no class for this. Your parents didn’t teach you how to cope with these people. Of course they weren’t experts. And every scenario where you must share your space is entirely different. So throw out the survival guides when you find yourself here. But, here are a few items that might help.


Actually take your ball and go home.

Except it’s a lamp and you are just going to the other room. It happens. You guys disagree on what needs to happen in that very room right now. Maybe you just wanted to read a book. Perhaps a romantic dinner with yourself. The person or people sharing that room with you had different plans. No worries. Just change your venue with this portable cordless lamp. It’s your new mobile device.



Shop Zafferano Poldina Pro Cordless Lamp >


What are you doing for dinner?

The age-old roommate question that never really gets old or dies. You just live together. You don’t HAVE to dine together. But if it makes sense, you make it work, right? Enter the Fritaire self-cleaning glass bowl air fryer. Wing night. Veggie snacks. Pizza night. Burgers & fries. Heck do donut days. You don’t have to be on the same page either. It’s perfect for small spaces. It cleans easily (and by easy we mean like a cat - it cleans itself). The best part is you finally get to watch the magic and mystery of what happens in an air fryer! You could actually just have a “come watch our crazy-cool new air fryer” night.

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Why did they put that dirty wet sponge there? And why didn’t they at least squeeze it out? 

That is a question we’ve said to ourselves about anyone we’ve ever shared space with. Truth is, we are all guilty of this spongy sin. If there was only a home for the sponge that it could drain itself from all its grossness overnight and be dry and ready for its next use? This way you aren’t growing a petri dish on your counter top or on the bottom of your sink. AND, it won’t fall into the drain. Which is CDC level grossness. You could call this one a no-drainer. Sorry. 

Shop Happy SiNKS Magnetic Sponge Holder >


This is the first lesson in Living With Others 101

You probably have at least 8 spoons in your drawers right? How many glasses do you have? Plates? And you probably have about every kind of knife known to a home chef. Now how many spatulas (that aren’t mangled and need replaced) do you have. How many slotted spoons? Okay enough counting. If there are more than 1 humans in your kitchen on any given day, you need more of these utensils. If you prepare at least a quarter of the meals you consume, loosen the old wallet or purse strings and get an extra set of these trusty gadgets. And you might want to get a few extra of the ones you use most. Tip: if the edges of your spatulas and turners are serrated, it’s time to stick a fork in ‘em. They’re well done. 

Shop Henckels Cooking Tool 6-Piece Set >


Next Time You Step Out Of The Shower. Think Of The Last Place They Used Their Towel

There is really no way to creatively write this. As a matter of fact, writing anything other than these next series of words would probably dilute the message. Get. An. Extra. Set. Of. Towels.

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