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Happy SiNKS Magnetic Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder

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Color: Steel

A well-organized kitchen is the key to a clean and healthy home. Keep your sponges, scrubbers and dish brushes off the kitchen counter, yet easily accessible at all times with a magnetic sink sponge holder you won’t even know is there. Position your Happy SiNKS Magnetic Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder exactly where you want it by simply making the two magnets face each other on both sides of your sink. Available in biocomposite or stainless steel. 

  • Length: 2.75"
  • Width: 1.97"
  • Height: 2.95"
Care Instructions
  • Wipe with a wet cloth and let dry thoroughly.
  • stainless steel

Clean modern designs

Make your kitchen a comfortable space to spend time in or even entertain your guests by keeping wet cloths and sponges neatly out of sight. Choose between classic stainless steel or matte charcoal color options for a striking contemporary look.

Awarded Finnish invention

An original design, this kitchen sink sponge holder uses a clever two-part magnet fitting system (MFS) to give you complete freedom when it comes to placement. Plus, the magnets make it easy to remove and relocate time and time again with no tools or adhesives.

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Happy SiNKS is a next generation cleaning brand founded in 2020 by two Finnish business builders from the awarded design house Magisso. After creating 40+ award-winning functional designs for homes around the world they decided to make cleaning more enjoyable for themselves and help others with the same problem. Happy SiNKS is fighting for happiness and sustainability in housework by creating sustainable, surprising and super-useful products for cleaning, organizing and for minimizing bacterial contamination in the kitchen.

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