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10 Staub Cookware Products We Love This Year
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10 Staub Cookware Products We Love This Year

The world’s top chefs and millions of homes choose Staub to help them prepare their masterpieces. Now it’s our turn to choose. These are our Top 10 favs from the Staub family of cookware. It’s a little difficult because we could easily choose our Top 10 favorite cast iron pieces. Or our Top 10 Staub utensils. So from cast iron cocottes to enameled bakeware to kitchen utensils, this is our complete and official list of 10 Staub Cookware Products We Love This Year. And you can believe it’s laminated. 

1. ALL Staub Utensils.

Every Staub kitchen utensil we carry is a best seller. We get it. Designed for chefs like you, by chefs like them - the French kind. Every piece is ergonomically designed to be an extension of your hand. Extra heat resistant silicone for any cooking surface and an acacia wood handle for extra comfort. Impossible to narrow down. But they tell us we have to. 

Our favorite is probably your favorite - the Staub Multi Function Spoon. It does absolutely everything from cooking to serving. It’s not fair to the other tools that only do 2 or 3 things that are equally our favorite. Like the uniquely shaped Staub Spatula or the Staub Skimming Ladle - which is perfect for your Staub cast iron stews. Best part about all of Staub’s utensils? They are very affordable.

2. Staub Baking Dishes

Hands down, our most popular Staub item is the Staub 3-Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set. And rightfully so. It comes in 3 gorgeous colors for a vibrant visual pop in the kitchen. It’s perfect for everything from roasting, to casseroles, anything with au gratin and all things baking. It can travel from the oven to the table to the fridge aaaand back to the table again without any real complaints. And it’s enameled ceramic so it’s a breeze to clean. The toughest decision you’ll have is what size to choose. Oh that’s right, it’s a set. With three sizes. Problem solved.

3. Staub Cast Iron Cocotte

The cast ironhorse of French cooking. Staub has mastered the art of enameled cast iron cookware. They specialize in their cocottes like the Staub Cast Iron 9-qt Round Cocotte. A cocotte is a French oven, or an enameled Dutch oven. It comes in the brilliant color range and is not only a extremely versatile piece of cookware, it makes a pretty solid fashion statement in the kitchen. These French ovens, or cocottes, have become somewhat of a kitchen decor item recently. Especially the Staub brand. It does everything in kitchen from stovetop soups and  stews to oven baked casseroles and roasts.  

4. Staub Cast Iron Fry Pans

Everything that you love about your Staub enameled cast iron cocotte is the same for Staub cast iron fry pans. That’s not entirely true. The fry pans come in way more colors. Because of their lower sides, and shear volume, they will heat up and cool down much faster. And of course they are lighter and easier to handle. But you can pretty much do the same things, as far as heat conduction is concerned, as you can in a cocotte. Sauteing, searing, browning, oven finishing and yes, frying. But make sure that’s shallow frying. A frying pan is definitely not meant for deep frying or soups or stews. This particular frying pan has a handy little lip or pouring spout which is perfect for grease riddance after all that shallow frying! 

5. Staub Dinnerware Plates

These ceramic dinnerware plates are somewhere between farmhouse simple and craftsman chic. If anything their style is confident enough to be basic and unique at the same time. Not overly adorned with a fancy pattern or gold leaf. They are as sturdy and durable as they look. And they are as elegant as they are effortless. And they are stoneware, which is a ceramic fired at a higher temperature so they are durable for everyday use.   

6. Staub Cereal Bowls

These cereal bowls are a solid counterpart to the Staub dinnerware. They are perfectly trained in the arts of salads and soup as well. They have the same farmhouse and craftsman sensibilities as the Staub dinnerware. With maybe with a little mid-century shaker in them as well. Looks a little like a mortar of mortar & pestle fame. Same stoneware. Same sturdiness and durability as the dinnerware - both in aesthetic and performance. In other words, you like the Staub dinnerware, you get the bowls to match.  

7. Staub Serveware

So Staub couldn’t stop at dinner plates and cereal bowls. They had to add an entire line of serveware. And everything falls in line with the unique signature Staub look that has set their dinnerware apart from the rest of the tabletop world. The added a perfectly shallow and not too cumbersome 2” deep serving dish. They added a generously sized 9.5” set of pasta bowls to their cereal bowls. They have, what can only be described as, an adorable set of 4 little condiment dishes that are perfect for sauces, olives, nuts and, well…conveniently, condiments. They added utensil/chopstick rests which nobody else has. It’s just the way a collection should be developed - down to every last chopstick.  

8. Staub Cast Iron Braisers

An enameled cast iron braiser is basically somewhere between a cast iron frying pan/skillet and a Dutch oven/cocotte. It’s closer to a cocotte because it has more structured sides and a lid to keep the heat in. The lid on this Staub Cast Iron 3.5-qt Braiser has a “self-basting spiked lid.” Almost nobody knows what that means. But you will now. Under the lid there are rounded spikes that collect condensation. It allows the moisture to drip back into whatever it came from. Kinda basting itself. Otherwise the condensation would travel down the counter of the lid into the rim of the pot and handles. Then you just have a mess.  


9. Staub Trivets

Any good maker of cookware worth their weight in cast iron should have a solution for where to set their pot or pan post-stovetop. Especially if said pot or pan doubles as a presentation or serveware piece. As is the case for all of Staubs colorful enameled cast iron cocottes. Nobody wants to set that beautiful piece of really hot cast iron directly onto their countertop or wood table. Therein lies the should-be mandatory Staub trivet family. Naturally they have a matching cast iron trivet to set your cast iron cocotte on. But Staub also has a series of magnetic wooden trivets that simply attach to the bottom of your cast iron cocotte. Then you are free to carry the cocotte around as your heart desires and place it wherever you’d like. Even though your surfaces are all safe, make sure guests know the cocotte is still extremely hot.

10. Staub Cast Iron Wok

This one is worth mentioning because most woks are made of stainless steel or aluminum. This Staub Cast Iron 6-qt Wok has all the benefits of the heat retention of cast iron, but because of the thinner walls, it allows you sear, braise, steam or stir fry. The enameled cast iron interior has an intentional rough texture for perfect browning. And in true Staub fashion, they conveniently have a top-notch utensil Staub wok turner. So you can throw out your old wok turner. Or, more likely, look like a stir fry pro and get your first wok turner.



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