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Our Favorite Flatware Sets of 2024 (& Why We Love Them)
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Our Favorite Flatware Sets of 2024 (& Why We Love Them)


Why is it called flatware?

Flatware is a pretty universal word for your arrangement of spoons, forks & knives on your table. Some people interchange it with silverware, which is usually reserved for flatware made out of sterling silver. Flatware also sometimes gets called cutlery. Presumably because there are knives involved. But cutlery is knives. And knives are cutlery. And some of our friends call flatware utensils. And that’s just hurtful. Flatware used to include all things laying flat on your tabletop. Plates, saucers & platters were included. Your glasses and bowls were referred to as holloware. But let’s get back to your spoons, forks  & knives. For the sake of today’s post we are going to be using the term flatware. And we are going to be referring to products made of stainless steel. 

What is flatware?

Our favorite flatware sets of 2024 are all 18/10 stainless steel. 18/10 is the ratio of chromium to nickel in the stainless steel alloy. 18% chromium for rust resistance. 10% nickel for its luster. Most flatware sets are sold as a 5 piece set or place setting. A place setting is another interchangeable phrase. To some it can mean the 5 pieces of flatware in front of you and to others a place setting is everything in front of you including plates and glasses. No real lesson here. Just don’t let anyone tell you you're wrong.

A typical flatware set includes a salad fork, a dinner fork, a dinner knife, a tablespoon and a teaspoon. The once-popular soup fork fell out of rotation at the turn of the century. Most sets include 4 place settings for a total of 20 pieces. 

How to choose flatware.

Your tabletop is no different than the rest of your style decisions. If every piece you choose makes a huge statement, you might run into a clashing mess of personalities. So that should dictate what order you choose your pieces. If you choose really bold dinnerware, you might want to consider a more classic or simple design for your flatware. If you already have a simple design of your plates, dishes & glassware, you can be more adventurous with your flatware choices.

Other than looks, the most important factor to consider is how it feels in your hand.

It sounds a little subjective and elusive but it’s actually really important. In the flatware game they call it balance. Feel each piece because the weight distribution can vary and over time you will want to be comfortable. 

And now for our favorite flatware sets of 2024. Instead of ranking these we are going to do these high school yearbook superlative style. Should be fun.

Class Clown

Gourmet Settings Silver Tear 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
We probably should give this one to the most twisted set. This is definitely a bolder choice that will have guests noticing, if not commenting, on how fun this Silver Tear set is. 

Most Distinguished

Gourmet Settings Feast 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set
Feast is a very conservative yet modern interpretation of the classic flatware set. If you were to draw exactly what you thought a flatware set should look like, this would be it. Feast is comfortable yet classy at the same time. Consider Feast like you consider your go-to heels or dress shoes.   

Most Musical

Gourmet Settings Treble Clef 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
Treble Clef is surprisingly as versatile as it is unique. The polished stainless steel “business end” of each of the pieces transitions into a matte black handle. This is definitely a playful pattern and can be paired with a formal or casual dinnerware choice. The forks in this set have 3 tines or prongs. Historically a 3-tined fork was thought of as a seafood fork for shellfish or shrimp cocktails. But today it’s mainly a stylistic decision.

Most Unique

Gourmet Settings Union 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
At first glance the Union set doesn’t look that unique. But if you look long enough you’ll notice that it’s just different enough to warrant the distinction of Most Unique. There’s no crazy pattern or color choice going on here. It’s just a matter of proportion shift. You’ll notice the bowls and the transitions (that’s basically when the handle becomes the business end) are much longer and flatter. And the knife almost doesn’t transition at all. 

Most Knotty

Gourmet Settings Twist 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
This another organic contemporary twist, if you will, on mixing materials. This execution begs the question, what if stainless steel behaved as rope? While the handles feel handcrafted the rest of the pieces are very clean lined. So the fun is reserved for the tip of the handle. This is another 3-tined fork. See Most Musical. 

Most Attractive

Gourmet Settings Vault 40-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
In our humble opinion, Gourmet Settings Vault is simply gorgeous. It feels perfectly balanced. It looks perfectly balanced and proportional. The contemporary matte finish is soooo velvety smooth. Vault actually feels and looks like an extension of your hand. As much as 18/10 stainless steel can be anyway.

Biggest Flirt

Gourmet Settings Mingle 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
This one was easy. It’s called Mingle. It has laser engraved foxes randomly placed in the bowls and handles. Random foxes that mingle? You get biggest flirt. At least most whimsical. But that’s not a real category. The cut and shape on Mingle is actually very unique. It has rounded corners for the bowls and handle tips and the handles are a little wider than some of its Gourmet Settings counterparts.  

Best Dressed

Gourmet Settings Loft 40-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set
This one already has awards. Recognized for excellence in design at the American Culinary Awards, Loft's fluid lines, matte finish, and outstanding weight have made this pattern loved for nearly twenty years. Modern and versatile, Loft is perfect for any occasion or culinary creation.

Smoothest Talker

Gourmet Settings Maddox Satin 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set
Well, this makes a ton of sense. It actually looks the smoothest in your hands. It feels the smoothest in your hands with its matte satin finish. And that’s actually a pretty smooth price for 18/10. It’s actually a really smart choice for any style of dinnerware. 

Most Athletic

Gourmet Settings Gather 20-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set 
Gather is a close sister to Mingle, our new Biggest Flirt. It has the matte satin finish with a little more sheen. It has more classic curves and profile. It has a more truncated blade with a higher bolster (that's the transition from handle to blade). And it has the signature laser engraved “FOX” character that shows up in random pieces.  

So that is our complete list of our favorite flatware sets of 2024. So far, at least. We can assure you there are more to come to challenge the privileged few that made it onto this list. 



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