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Top 10 kitchen gadgets that will make you say “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”
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Top 10 kitchen gadgets that will make you say “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”

There are plenty of kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools & kitchen utensils in our world. And they are not new either. They are actually one of the first items uncovered in archaeological digs if there were humans present that prepared, cooked and consumed food. And for the most part, mortar & pestles of ancient civilizations are exactly like their modern day counterparts. Same with tongs, spatulas, skewers and so on. And as much as we have advanced as a species, not much has changed in our kitchen gadget game…until now.

That’s where Dreamfarm comes in. They like to take simple things, complicate them and then make them simple again. They continue to produce modern day interpretations of age old solutions that actually make the phrase “reinventing the wheel” an understatement. They have a level of curiosity that don’t exist in most of us. But it allows them to take a look at an object that has worked the exact same way for thousands of years, and say, “why’d they do it like that?” And ultimately they come up with an invention that makes us collectively ask, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Let’s get into 10 of them.   


The Fluicer

(folds FLat jUICER)

Yes the fruit juicer has worked well for a very long time. So why even mess with a good thing? Well, because it’s usually so clunky IT DOESN’T FIT INTO ANY KITCHEN DRAWER KNOWN TO HUMANS! So the cool kids at Dreamfarm decided to make a better one that, you guessed it, folds flat. It has long arms for less forearm stress, a funnel to channel juices and even a seed catcher. Of course it does. 


The Chopula

(CHOPping spatULA)

The spatula has always existed as a multi-use tool. Historically it was used as more of a hard scraper. Evolving eventually into a softer edge rounded scraper for the sides of bowls and even served a short tour of duty as a fly swatter. Modern day gadgeteers use it as a flipper. A meat patty flipper. A pancake flipper. Well, the Chopula is all those things. It sports a flat flexible surface for the flipping of anything disc shaped. It has one rounded edge for scraping sides of bowls and one straight strengthened edge for chopping or cutting.

So three or four kitchen tools in one, and job done for Dreamfarm, right? No, they added a little feature you’ll see on a few of their kitchen tools. See any one of those previously mentioned gadgets would unfortunately rest on your countertop creating its own mess. A mess that would be inherited by the next gadget laying in the same place. Dreamfarm added a little lift handle, a kind of fulcrum, that allows the head of the Chopula to rest in midair. Never touching the countertop. Also comes in a mini version.


The Clongs

(CLick-lock tONGS)

This won’t take long. Tongs have roughly been the same kitchen utensil design for thousands of years. Not much evolution to discuss in the tong story. Until now. Dreamfarm wasn’t satisfied with just applying the same lift-handle feature that allows the business end of the tongs to never touch the countertop surface. They had to think of something else. And for them it’s usually a one-handed feature. The pivot or joint end of the tongs has a handy little mechanism that allows you to tap the end (the end that never touches food) on the countertop and locks the Clongs shut. So now they are closed for a slimmer profile and easier storage. They come in both a stainless steel and nylon version.




The Garject

(GARlic press scrape eJECT)

The garlic press is a relatively new invention. You won’t find one in many archeological digs. It’s basically a replacement for hand cutting or mincing a tiny wobbly clove of garlic with a chef’s knife. Which can be a little dicey (also a name for the process). While most garlic presses do just that - press unpeeled cloves through small holes. The Garject takes it one step further. What else would you expect from Dreamfarm? Garlic presses can be a little messy and hard to clean. So the award-winning Garject, like any self-respecting kitchen tool should, has a return mechanism that scrapes itself clean and ejects the excess garlic from the tool. Setting itself apart from the now rendered useless old school garlic presses. Comes in chrome-plated/nylon and stainless steel/nylon versions.


The Flisk

(FLat whISK)

This is another Dreamfarm creation that was born out the concept of combining 3 kitchen tools that have remained unchanged for centuries. This is basically a stainless steel balloon whisk with a handle that twists to reposition the loops in the whisk to perform three different functions. Fully open, the balloon whisk allows you to whip egg whites or creams. Anything you need to add volume to. A half twist of the handle condenses the loops to a sauce whisk for more shallow viscous sauces, gravies & rouxs. A full twist flattens the loops into a scraper for deglazing. The flattened setting also allows for waaaay easier cleaning than normal whisks. And thank you once again Dreamfarm, a slimmer profile translates into easier storage. Comes in a mini version as well. 



The Sharple

(SHARp PeeLEr)

This is basically an elegantly designed award-winning peeler. Oh, that's right. Every time you open and close the protective cover, the stainless steel blades sharpen themselves. That’s worth saying again. It sharpens itself. And again, Dreamfarm can not stop there. And this seems really small, because it actually is, they have added a little scoop or spade thingy at the tip of the Sharple to dig out imperfections in veggies or eyes in potatoes. 



The Supoon

(Sits Up sPOON)

So this is a flexible silicone scraping, scooping and measuring spoon. Again, you don’t have to get out multiple gadgets. It also has the nifty lift handle that never allows the business end of the Supoon to touch the countertop. So no spoon rest or kitchen towels needed as well. So let’s count up the kitchen gadgets we didn’t need to pull out because of the Supoon. A scraper, multiple measuring cups, a dublé (spoon rest) and a hand towel for cleaning. Not bad for a kitchen utensil for under ten bucks.



The Brizzle

(Basting dRIZZLE brush) 

At first glance this award-winning basting brush is just that - a basting brush with bristles. Yes, they are bristles that are silicone. Which is nice because the more they bend the more surface area they cover of whatever you are trying to drizzle. But remember it’s Dreamfarm. So this bending action also reveals a 1tbsp scoop or cup that allows you to scoop up whatever liquid you are trying to baste with. This scoop has drizzle holes that slowly release the liquid onto the drizzling bristles. This scoop is also designed to scoop along the bottom of a surface like a roasting pan for basting or a bowl of egg wash for baking. And of course The Brizzle has the notch on the handle that never allows the food part to touch the countertop.  



The Eggler

(EGG cracker peeLER slicer)

This compact little master gadget had to be hard to name for Dreamfarm. It does a few things. It has a hardened edge on the side for cracking the eggshell on a hard-boiled egg in an unaggressive way (we’ve all seen that go sideways). It has a handy little peeler and peel guard that easily removes the shell. And we all know how poorly that can go with our perfect-for-the-job fingernails. And eww. And it has a perfect little attached, but removable, slicer tray to set the egg on and stainless steel slicing wires to perfectly slice the hard-boiled egg all the way through. You really have to see it in action.    




The Scizza

(SCissors for piZZA)

This wonder gadget is probably the most unexpected from the minds at Dreamfarm. It’s not taking two kitchen utensils and combining them. It’s taking a tool from another part of the house, the office or art supply closet, and redefining it as a kitchen gadget. It’s the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter. It’s exactly like it sounds. Except the lower scissor blades have a spatula like blade or shoe that not only protects the surface you are cutting on, it allows you to lift the slice you are cutting. So to recap. Old way: rolling pizza cutter and a spatula = 2 gadgets + 1 mess. New way: The Scizza.  

The Summary

Writing about 10 Dreamfarm gadgets is like writing about 37 other “regular” gadgets. And you could make the argument that because they combine so many solutions into one kitchen tool or home gadget, they could charge a premium for that. Well they don’t. All of their ingenious inventions are pretty moderately priced for all the heavy lifting they do. It’s possible they are applying some of that engineering and industrial magic to building out this worldwide arsenal of kitchen gadgets. Off to fight the enemies of efficiency and counter productivity in the favor of common sense and practicality.

One kitchen at a time.



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