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Zwilling Sommelier 18/10 Stainless Steel Wine Drip Collar

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Enjoy a good bottle of wine with elegance and grace while keeping your table clean with this Zwilling® Sommelier wine drip collar. This accessory from Zwilling makes sure that no droplets of wine run down the side of the bottle after pouring. This collar consists of two parts held together by a magnetic closure, concealing a piece of washable felt which absorbs the wine droplets. Make an impression with the Zwilling wine drip collar. A great gift idea for any wine drinker.
  • Elegant design.
  • Zwilling magnet system enables easy attachment to the bottleneck.
  • Washable felt on the inside.
  • Collects drops of wine that run down the bottleneck after pouring.
  • Length: 2.09"
  • Width: 3.15"
  • Height: 1.65"
Care Instructions
  • Before washing pots and pans made out of stainless steel, they need to cool down. Glass lids, in particular, can be damaged by temperature shocks. Our cookware is easy and convenient to clean and dishwasher-safe. But we recommend cleaning it by hand with warm water, a little washing-up liquid, and a soft cloth. Serious dirt on the inside and base of the cookware can be removed using the rough side of a sponge. Do not allow remnants of food to dry to avoid stains or discoloration on the stainless steel. Use proprietary stainless steel cleaners, lemon juice, or vinegar to remove white or rainbow-colored discoloration and deposits. Do not use your cookware to hold acidic food for any length of time and avoid aggressive cleaning agents as they can damage the surface.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
  • Stainless steel

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Back in 1731, Peter Henckels had the idea to register the Zwilling trademark with the Cutler’s Guild of Solingen, Germany. A brilliant idea because that makes Zwilling one of the oldest brands in the world today. Imagine a 292-year-old brand and a modern, forward thinking company that is all about future cooking trends and technologies. That's Zwilling! Thanks to a long tradition and ever-increasing range of products, Zwilling has the know-how to keep inspiring consumers, even after all these years.

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