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Scanpan Nonstick Paella Pan

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 Scanpan Classic series represents quality, functionality & durability. Old Artisan cast techniques are combined with today's latest technology creating products that are intended for daily use year after year. The manufacturing process starts with a unique casting technique, which consists of 100% recycled aluminum is heated until it is liquefied, poured into a mold by hand and then squeeze-cast using 250 tons of pressure. After the pan is made and formed, ceramic & titanium are fused together at a very high heat and fired onto each pan. The final process consists of Green Tek, creating a surface that is 10 times harder than steel. 
  • Recycled aluminum
  • Made in Denmark
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Sear, caramelize, reduce as well as stainless steel
  • Even heating and temperature control with no hot spots
  • Diameter: 14.25" 
  • Can use silicone, wood, nylon and metal utensils

  • Compatible on ceramic, gas, electric, solid plate, and halogen cooktops

Manufacturers Warranty
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
  • Cast Aluminum

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Cooking at home should be a joy, not a chore – with superb cooking performance and easy cleanup. Sear, braise, fry, and deglaze with the confidence of a pro. With a surface that’s safe for use with metal tools and can go into the oven, the only culinary limit is your own imagination.

Since 1956, Scanpan has produced safe and sustainable cookware for professional and home use. Scanpan was the first cookware manufacturer to produce environmentally friendly products - Scanpan is made from recycled aluminum in Ryomgård, Denmark, under the strictest environmental standards. Made by humans, built to last a lifetime - every nonstick pan made by Scanpan passes through the hands of skilled artisans 8 times before it leaves the factory.

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