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Rosti Choptima Cutting Board Set

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Color: Curry
Choptima is a series of functional, high-quality chopping boards in Danish design. The particularly hard material makes the chopping board more resistant to moisture, more hygienic and ensures that your knives stay sharp for longer. The 1 in thickness means that the board is extra solid and more stable.

The Choptima series is available in three carefully selected sizes, and with all three you’ll have everything you need for all daily food prep tasks, whether you’re slicing herbs, chopping vegetables or chopping bread.

The three sizes feature the same thickness and are useful for serving and bringing to the table to showcase bread, sausage, cheeses and tapas dishes, and more. That’s why the stylish colors of the Choptima series were selected with special care, and with its user-friendly shapes, the set becomes a decorative addition to your kitchen décor.
  • Length: 14.0"
  • Width: 10.4"
  • Height: 2.8"
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher safe.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 5-year manufacturer's breakage warranty.
  • polyethylene


The most prestigious design awards are given only to outstanding designs that truly represent remarkable achievements. And Rosti’s products do this so well that several of them have won recognised international awards. Latest in 2024, the Choptima chopping board set has achieved the German Design Award “Winner” in the category “Excellent Product design – Kitchen”.

It all goes to show that Rosti is among the very best.


The Choptima chopping board series is designed by Halskov & Dalsgaard Design. The Danish designer duo Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard are architects and industrial designers working in many disciplines. They developed the Choptima series with a strong desire to create a product family that is functional, useful, relevant and long-lasting in terms of quality as well as its design aesthetic. The result is a family of chopping boards which meet the need for different sizes, depending on whether you want to slice garlic and chilli, chop vegetables or cut bread. In addition, they have designed a functional holder that keeps the chopping boards in one place without taking up much space on the countertop. The holder is designed with grooved spacing between the chopping boards to ensure good ventilation and thus good hygiene, for example if the board is still damp when placed in the holder.

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Their story starts in the early 1940 when a two-crown loan becomes the start of a lifelong partnership and friendship. In 1944, during the difficult times of the Second World War, Rolf Fahrenholtz and Stig Jørgensen founded Rosti. During and just after the war there was a shortage on many materials. After creating some products in Bakelite Rosti started to pioneer with melamine plastic from the US. This was a completely new production material for that time and a big adventure for the founders. It resulted in a new melamine plastic tableware collection; the production was kick-started and Rosti received its largest-ever order when the Danish Armed Forces discovered melamine plastic’s extraordinary durability and ordered melamine plastic plates for its food services. In the 1950’s Rosti was the only manufacturer of melamine plastic in Denmark.

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