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Kähler Hammershøi Vase

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Color: White
Size: 8"
The elegant Danish vase from Kähler comes with a unique history that gives the vase personality. As the rest of the Hammershøi range, the vase is inspired by Svend Hammershøi's works, which were created at the old Kähler workshop at the beginning of the 20th century. Place this marvellous white Danish vase on the windowsill, on the dinner table or in the hallway with the flowers and sprays of the season.
  • 8"
    • Diameter: 6.7"
    • Height: 8.3"
  • 10"
    • Diameter: 7.9"
    • Height: 10"
Care Instructions
  • Not dishwasher safe.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 1 year manufacturer's breakage warranty.
  • Stoneware

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