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Zafferano Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light

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Size: Small
Color: White

Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light is a battery-operated portable and rechargeable vertically suspended light, available in three sizes and three finishes. Equipped with an LED light source, Pencil creates an intense, well-directed light ideal for public and
private spaces, and also outdoors (IP65).

Its fixture is made of white, rust, or dark grey painted extruded aluminum with a pentagonal cross-section. The diffuser is in satin opal polycarbonate.
Its 4-step dimmer touch control allows you to accurately adjust the lighting in a room and choose the light color temperature, 2700-3350-4000° Kelvin
(dynamic white).

Pencil LED Cordless Pendant Light includes the Pencil module, a vertical suspension support, and a charging plug. The lamp can be operated cordlessly or plugged in with the charging plug. This system allows the user to suspend a pendant light almost effortlessly without a junction box. Create groupings using different Pencil Lighting Module lengths.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art LED circuit board, an electronic control system monitors the remaining autonomy and ensures a constant light output until the battery runs out. The battery lasts 8h - 58h, depending on the light output setting. At 3.16A, recharging times are 6 hours for the small module, 9 hours for the medium module and 12 hours for the large module.

  • Small 
    • Length: 19.6"
  • Medium
    • Length: 38.5"
  • Large
    • Length: 57.4"
  • Painted extruded aluminum fixture
  • Satin opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Impact resistance (IK07) and salt spray resistance (1500h)
  • Rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery packs
  • Battery lasts 8 - 58 hours, depending on the luminous flux setting.
  • Rechargeable with a 3.5/1.3 connector, or by contact (when used with the charging base)
  • Recharging times at 3.16A: 6/9/12 h (for small/medium/large size respectively)
  • 3 color temperature settings: 2700, 3150, or 4000K
Care Instructions
  • To recharge the product, use a battery charger with a 3.5/1.3 connector; DC 19 V; 3.16A max (included). We recommend using a certified charger.
  • To correctly charge the lamp, we recommend that you: 1) Connect the cable to the adapter; 2) Connect the cable to the lamp; 3) Put the plug into the electrical socket; 4) When fully charged, disconnect the plug from the electrical socket and remove the cable.
  • The lamp also operates properly when connected to the main power supply.

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Zafferano America is the exclusive distributor of the award-winning lighting and glassware designs of Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy. Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Federico de Majo spent much of his formative years on the fiery factory floor of his family’s glass-blowing business, Vetreria De Majo. It is in the studio of Vetreria De Majo where he first learned the historical techniques of glass blowing, and later began developing a body of work. Federico currently lives and works in the lush countryside of Treviso, while his soul is securely anchored to the island of Murano.

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