Maximum taste, minimum waste


Created in Holland with a goal to combat food waste, Airtender combines high air pressure and deep vacuum technology to preserve freshness, enhance flavor, aerate wines and so much more.

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Flavor Meets Sustainability

The best vacuum and air technology on the market.

Store Food Longer

The Airtender Food & Wine Saver Vacuum Set keeps food and drinks fresh up to 5x longer!

Turn any glass jar with a metal lid into the perfect vacuum container super fast. Easily reseal any wine bottle to preserve the freshness and flavor.

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Enhance Flavor

Aerate wine by the glass to perfection in seconds. Or, use the aerator to add foam to cocktails in seconds - without a shaker.

Inject millions of air bubbles with the "micro oxygen infusion" technology. Experience it for yourself.

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Keep Wine Fresh

Prolong the freshness and flavor of wine with the Wine Vacuum Pack, including the ultimate vacuum stopper - the Nanostopper.

Easily reseal any bottle to preserve the freshness and flavor of your wine up to 5x longer.

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