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Zwilling Fresh & Save Fridge Airtight Food Storage Container

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Color: Clear
Size: Glass Fridge Container

The Ultimate Space Saver in the Fridge

  • Ideal for baking casseroles, marinating meat, storing leftovers.
  • Nestable and stackable: save space and organize the fridge.
  • Doubles as a serving piece.
  • Microwave and freezer safe.
  • All FRESH & SAVE pumps and lids are compatible.

The Fresh & Save fridge container is designed to work with the vacuum pump to keep food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage. Made of sturdy borosilicate glass, this long, shallow, rectangular container is ideal for easy storage of casseroles and other baked meals in the refrigerator and freezer. It’s also handy for marinating meat. Designed for efficient stacking, it’s the ultimate space saver and organization helper. The fridge container is ovenproof (without lid) and doubles as a beautiful serving piece at the table. Store, bake, and serve in the same container.

With the Fresh & Save system, you can shop once a week and refrigerate or freeze fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish in our vacuum containers and bags and enjoy the benefits of your own fresh market at home. Prepare your meals days in advance and enjoy them as fresh as the day they were cooked. Cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for the grill in just 30 minutes in the vacuum bags and containers.

Note: This item must be used with the Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Pump.

Here’s how it works: Dock the vacuum pump onto the container or bag valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air in mere seconds. It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been obtained, locking in flavor, aromas, and vitamins.

  • Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage methods: Aromas and nutrients are safely preserved, food waste is reduced.
  • Space-saving storage of food and meals in the fridge and freezer, stackable > Elegantly shaped container for serving at the table > Safe freezing of food and prepped meals (vacuum sealing reduces freezer burn) > Ovenproof (up to 280°C without lid) > Suitable for use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
  • For use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump.
  • Materials: BPA-free, borosilicate glass (base), plastic (lid), silicone (valve, seal) > Vacuum lid with innovative double sealing technology.
  • Container lids feature double seal to create a perfect seal.
  • For use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump.
  • Capacity (without lid) / max. filling level: 2 l / 1.5l.
  • Materials: BPA-free, borosilicate glass (base), plastic (lid), silicone (valve, seal).
  • Vacuum lid with innovative double sealing technology.
  • Easy linking of the vacuum container with the ZWILLING Culinary World App via the QR code on the lids for tracking food and shelf life.
  • Free app calculates how long the vacuum sealed food and meals can be kept and the reminder function informs you in good time when the food needs to be consumed. Recipes, explanatory videos and a shopping list round of the services offered by the app.
  • Glass Gratin Dish
    • Length: 11.50"
    • Width: 7.87"
    • Height: 3.82"
    • Capacity: 3.01 qt.
  • Glass Fridge Container
    • Length: 9.49"
    • Width: 7.13"
    • Height: 3.82"
    • Capacity: 2.11 qt.
  • Plastic Fridge Container
    • Length: 9.49"
    • Width: 7.13"
    • Height: 3.82"
    • Capacity: 2.11 qt.
Care Instructions
  • BPA Free, Dishwasher safe.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 2-year manufacturer's breakage warranty.
  • Glass, Plastic

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Zwilling is one of the world’s oldest brands. Which doesn’t say much unless you know Zwilling. They started off making knives and other kitchen tools and eventually invented a useful tool called the “Küchenhilfe.” Which actually translates to “kitchen helper.” Which makes a ton of sense now because they make way more than knives but everything they do is a version of a “Küchenhilfe.” And they apply the same standard of excellence and commitment to precision that they have applied to knives for almost 300 years. Nothing leaves their factory floor, nothing comes to us, and nothing comes to you unless it meets what we like to call, “better-class” standards. Now you can understand why them being around so long matters. And why we are proud to bring you Zwilling products.

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