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Zone Denmark Ume Soap Dish & Toothbrush Mug Set

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Color: Olive Green

The beautiful Ume soap dish has a delicious soft touch surface and practical grooves that direct excess water away. The colors match the other elements in the Ume bath series, which the designer trio VE2 is behind.

The toothbrush mug from the bathroom series Ume is available in the finest gentle colours. All in all, it is a soft and pleasant acquaintance, and it is the designer trio VE2, who are behind the design of the well-proportioned elements in the series. 

The elements in the Ume bath series give a solid and well-balanced look – both to the eye and to the hands.

Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The first letter – U – draws the shape of the series, which is modern and classic at the same time with well-thought-out and functional details.

The soap dispenser, for example, has a long spout for optimal pumping function, just as the toilet brush is equipped with a practical inner cup, so that excess water can be easily emptied - and the brush has a good working length and slides easily into place in the holder.

The elegant pedal bucket is the same height as the toilet brush, and together they form a nice pair on the bathroom floor. The separate and spacious 4 liter inner bin is equipped with a new, smart feature, so that you can easily put the waste bag in without it getting stuck and visible from the outside.

  • Soap Dish 
    • Width: 4.7"
    • Height: 1.2"
  • Toothbrush Mug
    • Diameter: 3.3"
    • Height: 4.1"
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Stoneware

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Zone Denmark interprets evolving trends by rethinking beauty and functionality that shares a belief in a profoundly positive life. Expressed in an honest and colorful way, Zone Denmark designs challenge convention, inspire curiosity and embrace exquisite materials. Zone Denmark has won several international design awards with its team of innovative Danish designers. But it’s their design-loving friends around the world that makes them feel like it’s all worthwhile!

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