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Zone Denmark Inu Basket

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Size: Small
Color: Black

The Inu wire basket is akin to the popular large floor baskets in the same range. They may look smaller, but their possibilities have grown! These handy tabletop baskets can be used for virtually any everyday essential. From hair ornaments in the bathroom, to fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, or plants on the coffee table.

Elegant metal basket for towels or laundry in the bathroom, pillows, blankets and magazines in the living room – or for large green plants throughout the home. The basket’s airiness and soft lines add character to the practical handles created in the mirroring of two identical arches. The baskets are available in multiple sizes and can be stacked. Gorgeous décor that is both ptactical and soothing to the eye.

The Inu spa series reflects presence and self-pampering inspired by the tranquility, balance and sensuousness of the Scandinavian bathing and sauna culture. Inu is delightful design, soft fabrics and appealing, delicate scents for a well-deserved break from the everyday bustle a whispered invitation to pamper the senses and enjoy the present moment.

  • Small: Diameter: 4.1" Height: 5.3"
  • Medium: Diameter: 7.9" Height: 7.9"
  • Large: Diameter: 11.8" Height: 12.0"
  • Extra Large: Diameter: 16.0" Height: 16.2"
  • Small
    • Diameter: 4.1"
    • Height: 5.3"
  • Medium  
    • Diameter: 7.9"
    • Height: 7.9"
  • Large  
    • Diameter: 11.8"
    • Height: 12.0"
  • Extra Large
    • Diameter: 16.0"
    • Height: 16.2"
Care Instructions
  • Handwash metal base, cotton liner is washing machine safe.
  • Metal

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Zone Denmark interprets evolving trends by rethinking beauty and functionality that shares a belief in a profoundly positive life. Expressed in an honest and colorful way, Zone Denmark designs challenge convention, inspire curiosity and embrace exquisite materials. Zone Denmark has won several international design awards with its team of innovative Danish designers. But it’s their design-loving friends around the world that makes them feel like it’s all worthwhile!

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