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Zafferano PushUp Pro LED Table Lamp

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Color: White

With the Pushup Pro LED Table Lamp by Zafferano America, beautiful form and usefulness come together. This modern cordless lamp has a diffuser made of polycarbonate and a cylindrical die-cast aluminum shape. To open the lamp and turn on the light, press down on the PushUp Pro's top; to close and turn off, press down once again. The on/off and tunable white dimmer switch are located on the hidden control under the base. Its sleek, modern form makes it perfect for usage at nightstands, cocktail lounges, and outdoor bars. An internal LED light source radiates outward, providing general or accent lighting.

The elegance of shape, color, and glass are used by Zafferano America to create a variety of decorative, technical, and rechargeable lighting. The business uses Federico de Majo's more than 30 years of expertise to produce lights for a discerning customer. The brand is situated in Italy, and each design incorporates elements of Venice's lagoons as inspiration.

  • Diameter: 4.7"
  • Height: Adjustable from 3.1" to 3.9"
  • 207-235lm, Switchable white 2200/2700/3000K LED/CRI>80/100-240 volt/2.2w
  • IP54 rating protection
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 1 year manufacturer's breakage warranty.
  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminum

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Zafferano America is the exclusive distributor of the award-winning lighting and glassware designs of Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy. Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Federico de Majo spent much of his formative years on the fiery factory floor of his family’s glass-blowing business, Vetreria De Majo. It is in the studio of Vetreria De Majo where he first learned the historical techniques of glass blowing, and later began developing a body of work. Federico currently lives and works in the lush countryside of Treviso, while his soul is securely anchored to the island of Murano.

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