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Serene House Pure White Ceramic Essential Oil Wall-Plug Diffuser

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Product Overview

The Pure Essential Oil Wall-Plug Diffuser is a new way to get the benefits of essential oils without the need to add water. Serene House's Wall-Plug Diffusers have two modes so you can customize your fragrance experience. 7-paper pads and 3-unscented wicks are included to make changing scents simple. The metal prongs of the plug rotate 260 degrees to guarantee they fit every outlet. The LED light can be used for ambiance or as a night light.

The device allows you to use a 5 ml., 10 ml. or 15 ml. bottle.  If using a 15 ml. bottle, it will last about 3 weeks depending on the oil.

Please note that when using the wick method, the diffuser is limited and for a space smaller than the recommended 150 sq. ft. Soak the pads with 15-20 drops and they will hold for 2-3 days. Add more oil to the pad until saturated. Then insert a new paper pad and continue the process to add more oils. The fan and air circulation will draw the scent from the pad, so it is similar to the water diffuser and you will need to replenish the oil.


Product Details
    • Length: 2.85"
    • Width: 4.65"
    • Height: 4.33"
  • Materials:Ceramic
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Serene House is dedicated to developing personal air care products and fragrances that help improve your sense of well-being through scent, sound and visual aesthetics. Serene House was created and developed in a close collaboration between Swiss/ Danish designer Carsten Jörgensen, and a talented in-house design and engineering team. The highly innovative, functional and elegant design of the personal air care collection has roots in the clean and minimalistic Scandianvian and Asian cultures, making them perfect for everyday use in your home or workplace. Serene House is the only brand in the home fragrance market producing own diffusers in their own factory. This sets Serene House integrity and quality assurance apart from the competition. Serene House is a family-owned company with two generations actively involved.

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