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Kosta Boda Mirage Medium Vase Forest Green/Blue

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The Mirage Medium Forest Green/Blue Vase was designed by Göran Wärff. A spectrum of warm colors is reflected in the soft, round shapes. Inspired by light, the vase is masterfully handmade and mouth-blown in Kosta, Sweden with an angled pipe to create curved shapes. A zoom technique is used to produce different colors. After cooling, the Mirage vase is finished by skilled, experienced craftsmen. It takes 12 artisans to create each piece. The Mirage Vase is an art object which can be used with flowers or as a stand-alone art object. 5.7”W x 8.3”H.

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In the early part of the 20th century, Kosta Boda quite literally reinvented the art and craft of Swedish glass. Moreover, Kosta Boda played a key role in the emergence of a distinctive Scandinavian idiom and quality standards whose goal is design excellence in everything from toys to tableware. The collaboration between the glassmaker and designer was the key to this aesthetic and commercial success, and that is still true today. In order to create works of originality and timelessness, artist and artisan at Kosta Boda collaborate closely while experimenting with recipes, forms, colors, and textures as well as ancient and new processes.

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