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Gefu Violi 2.0 Slicer

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Give your chopping hand a little break with this super compact mandoline, designed with an ergonomic handle and non-slip feet for balance. From thick-cut bananas to paper-thin tomato slices for bruschetta, the Gefu Violi 2.0 Slicer easily adjusts to five different thicknesses and comes with two additional blade inserts for perfectly even julienne strips. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe which makes cleanup a breeze.

  • Length: 12.5"
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher safe.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 20-year warranty against material faults, manufacturing defects and design flaws.
  • stainless steel, plastic

Julienne function

Crafted with sharpened Japanese stainless-steel blades, the two julienne inserts allow for precise cuts in 3 mm (0.12”) or 6 mm (0.24”) widths. The finger guard keeps your fingers safely away from the blade for worry-free prep.

The ultimate space-saver

Slice up to 15 different variants of fruit and vegetables to thicknesses ranging from 1 mm (0.04”) to 5 mm (0.2”), all using a single tool. This slicer is designed for busy chefs, and comes with a storage container for the inserts and a suspension eyelet on the handle for easy hanging.

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For nearly 70 years, Gefu has produced inventive cooking equipment that leaves us wondering "why haven't we always done it this way?" High-end kitchen tools from Gefu can be identified by their superb functionality, first-rate quality, and emotionally engaging design. Despite having a German base, their goods are popular in kitchens all over the world.

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