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Eternal Spring Cherry Blossom Tree

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Size: Medium

Bring the beauty of spring indoors all year long with the Everlasting Cherry Blossom Tree. This stunning artificial tree features delicate cherry blossoms and lifelike leaves on a sturdy plastic trunk. The realistic blooms and foliage will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office. Perfect for any season, the Everlasting Cherry Blossom Tree is a beautiful and low-maintenance way to enjoy the magic of the cherry blossoms. Medium: 190 Flowers, 75 Leaves, 5"W x 5"D x 6"H, 19"W 22.5"D x 47"H, Large: 304 Flowers, 120 Leaves, 5.75"W x 5.75"D x 6.7"H, 26"W 24"D x 60"H

  • Medium Eternal Spring Cherry Blossom Tree
    • Tree Dimensions: 19"W x 22.5"D x 47"H
    • Plastic Pot: 5"W x 5"D x 6"H
  • Tall Eternal Spring Cherry Blossom Tree
    • Tree Dimensions: 26"W x 24"D x 60"H
    • Plastic Pot: 5.75"W x 5.75"D x 6.7"H

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