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Dreamfarm Spadle Spoon/Ladle

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Color: Red

Your new favorite cooking & measuring spoon comes with a little twist. The innovative Dreamfarm Spadle Spoon/Ladle turns into a serving ladle with a simple twist of the handle, which means you can easily measure ingredients, stir stews and serve soups at the table using a single spoon. Plus, its non-scratch, flexible silicone tip makes scraping your cookware clean a breeze, and is safe for use on your nonstick pans and pots. Dishwasher safe.

    More with less

    The clever bend in the handle keeps the spoon head up and off the counter when you put it down, so you can keep everything tidy in the smallest of kitchen spaces. Twist the Spadle’s joints halfway to open them up for easy cleaning.

    Follow any recipe

    The Dreamfarm Spadle Spoon/Ladle features a large ½ cup capacity head, perfect for serving. Measure your ingredients with ease regardless of the recipe with the help of handy 100ml, ¼ cup, teaspoon and tablespoon measuring lines.

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    Dreamfarm is an award-winning Australian design company that creates new and incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets. They design products that solve problems. All Dreamfarm products have functional differences that make them work better than anything else on the market. You'll love the Dreamfarm range because all of their products are high quality, useful, beautiful, and each have a moment of magic when they do something amazing that you’ve never seen before.

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