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Dreamfarm BBQ Clongs Tongs

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Master the grill in style with the Dreamfarm BBQ Clongs Tongs, a pair of click-lock tongs with special waffle heads designed for the barbecue. Grab and flip large pieces of meat and delicate vegetables using a single tool, then simply use its flat tips to scrape your barbecue clean.

A unique bend in the handle keeps the tips sitting up, keeping your bench and counter tops clean and your BBQ Clongs hygienic. Easy to open and lock with one hand, the tongs also feature a built-in sausage link cutter and a special pricker for all-in-one grilling convenience. 15"L. Dishwasher safe. BPA free.

Sit up handle

Put the tongs down wherever is most convenient at the moment without worrying about making a mess. The handle is designed with a little bend in the middle to keep the heads up and off the bench at all times.

Made to last

Look no further than Dreamfarm for the perfect gift for the grill master in your life. These versatile tongs feature durable 15” stainless steel arms, so you can scrape and clean your BBQ after use with peace of mind.

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Dreamfarm is an award-winning Australian design company that creates new and incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets. They design products that solve problems. All Dreamfarm products have functional differences that make them work better than anything else on the market. You'll love the Dreamfarm range because all of their products are high quality, useful, beautiful, and each have a moment of magic when they do something amazing that you’ve never seen before.

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