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UVI Self Heating Lunch Box with UV Light Sanitizer

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Enjoy a delicious hot meal at work—without going to the cafeteria or waiting in line for the microwave. This portable box boasts an integrated heat source that warms up food in just 25 minutes, plus UV light technology that keeps bacteria at bay.

Simply fill the container with food, bring it to work and store it in the refrigerator. When you get hungry, plug the detachable cord into the box, heat your cold food and enjoy. You can also fill the container with hot food, and the insulated liner will keep it at the perfect temperature for up to two hours. Featuring a durable, leakproof shell and odor-resistant liner, this lunch box is a game-changing addition to your lunchtime lineup.

  • Plug-in lunchbox heats refrigerated food in 25 minutes or less.
  • Powerful heat source also cooks rice and steams vegetables.
  • Keeps meals toasty warm for 2 hours. 
  • Integrated UV light kills 99% of bacteria + odor-resistant liner.
  • Detachable power cord enables refrigerator storage. 110V Wall Plug
  • Internal compartment with movable divider accommodates wide range of food.
  • 32-oz. capacity.
  • Length: 8.85″
  • Width: 4.92″
  • Height: 3.15″
  • Capacity: 32 oz.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • UVI offers a ninety (90) day limited warranty.
  • silicone, aluminum, ceramic coating

Hot Lunch Anytime, Anywhere.

No matter how hectic your day is, get all the comfort and benefits of a hot meal with none of the hassle to heat it up.


Fridge friendly


Plug, Heat, Eat


Adjustable Compartments


Sanitize with UV light

From Fridge To Feast
In Minutes

Never get Hangry. In one click, you get your favorite meals from home piping hot in minutes.

Want to keep hot meals from going cold on you? No problem! Our insulated liner keeps meals toasty warm for 2 hours.

Odor Killing Uv Light

Our integrated UV light neutralizes odor-causing bacteria and viruses. After you are done eating, simply rinse the box, put your handwashed tableware inside and let UVI kill all the odors. Sunshine in a lunchbox.

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Hot lunch anywhere, anytime. The Portable Self Heating Lunch Box with Odor Killing UV Light Sanitizer.

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