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Guzzini Le Murrine Large Bowl

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Color: Red/White/Transparent

Add colors to your dining and Italian charm to your kitchen with the Guzzini Le Murrine Large Bowl collection. These colorful bowls are made from high-quality SAN plastic, a transparent material that lets them mimic the look and feel of original Venetian Murano glassware. At 9.75" in diameter, this large bowl is as practical as it is striking to look at. Serve your salads, snacks and side dishes in style – or simply use it for decor.

  • Width: 9.84"
  • Height: 4.33"
Care Instructions
  • Suitable for contact with foods, max 70°C.
  • Dry immediately after washing with a soft cloth.
  • SAN

Venetian vibes

Brighten up your mood with a range of vibrant color combinations. Inspired by the timeless appeal of traditional Murano glassware, this collection is made in Italy using Guzzini’s own three-color technology. Prop your favorite pieces up for display for a personal, yet matching look.

Wears many hats

Perfect for serving food and a safe gift for anyone on your list! Each Guzzini Le Murrine Large Bowl is made from durable, heat- and shatter-resistant SAN plastic that is similar in appearance to fine glassware. 100% BPA-free, certified by the Italian Plastics Institute.

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From the heart of Italy to the heart of your home, your dining table never looked so good. Whether it’s showing off your latest culinary masterpiece or trying to make a Pinterest fail meal look really, really good. Guzzini has a 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable, antibacterial plastic solution for you. So you can have international style, with international awareness (the whole saving the world thing) without paying international. Capiche?

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