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Airtender Wine Aerator and Preserver Set

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The complete set for enjoying wine. Pour wine by the glass and keep opened bottles fresh up to 5 times longer under vacuum. Aerate wine by the glass to perfection with the stainless steel wine aerator and create explosive taste instantaneously.

Whether you’re a certified aficionado or completely new to the art of wine, the Airtender Wine Lovers Set is great to have in your home when friends drop by. The set comes packaged in a stylish kraft paper box and is a genuinely unique gift for any wine drinker.

Bring the full character of your wine to life by adding the perfect amount of oxygen to each glass using the air pump and stainless steel aerator. Keep any wine left fresh with the vacuum pump and leak-proof Nanostoppers that fit any standard wine bottle. 

Inlcudes an Airtender Vacuum Pump with indicator, an Airtender Air Pump with indicator, a dishwasher safe stainless steel precision Aerator, 6 food-safe Nanostoppers and a storage clip.

Made in Holland with care for people and planet in a CO2 friendly factory. Produced using sustainable and recyclable materials. Assembled in social workshops.

Vacuum Pump and Air Pump care: Wipe with soft, damp cloth (as needed). Aerator care: Dishwasher safe or rinse in clean water after use, pump air to expel water & wipe dry. Nanostoppers care: dishwasher safe. Storage Clip care: Rinse with soapy water if needed.  

KEEP FRESH UP TO 5X LONGER: Vacuum counteracts the aging process of wine.

VACUUM INDICATOR: The vacuum pump provides a signal at the correct vacuum level. The Nanostopper has a visible vacuum indicator and fits under a screw cap.

STORES LEAKPROOF: The Nanostopper allows wine bottle screw tops to be firmly in place for 100% leak-proof storage in the refrigerator or horizontally in a wine rack, cooling and/or climate controlled cabinet.

MADE WITH CARE FOR PEOPLE & PLANET: CO2 friendly, produced using sustainable and recyclable materials. Assembled in social workshops.

  • Length: 5.0"
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Height: 1.3"
  • Weight: 0.40 lb.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • Five (5) Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicone

Savor every sip

Take your wine-drinking experience to a whole new level by aerating each glass as you drink. The Airtender air pump and precision aerator help you bring out the full flavor of the wine a lot quicker than you could by just pouring or swirling your glass alone.

The ultimate gift

A perfect gift for any wine enthusiast, the Airtender Wine Lover's Set includes everything you need to entertain guests and enjoy wine to the fullest for years to come. The vacuum pump and 3 reusable Nanostoppers let you keep open bottles fresh for up to 5 times longer.

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Rarely can you say this about a company, but Airtender is here to save the world. Not only are they on a passionate mission to combat food waste, they have developed products that allow you to store food longer, make beverages taste better and keeps wine fresh 5x longer. The only things they take more seriously are really small things. Like people. All living things. And an unparalleled respect for the planet. That’s all. When we talk about Airtender, it’s almost hard to talk about product. They exist on another level in the “for the greater good” category. And we are extremely proud to introduce you to Airtender.

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