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Guzzini Serving Tray

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Size: Medium
Color: Milk White

Made from recycled 2.3 post-consumer PET water bottles, these trays are leading a revolution of material and style. The circular lines create a strikingly resonant look that complements any decor. A careful selection of colors inspired by the shades of the earth and nature further underlines this collection's nature-friendly overtones. 

  • Medium
    • Length: 15.35"
    • Width: 10.23"
    • Height: 0.8"
  • Large
    • Length: 18.7"
    • Width: 12.8"
    • Height: 1.2"
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% post consumer recycled plastic

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From the heart of Italy to the heart of your home, your dining table never looked so good. Whether it’s showing off your latest culinary masterpiece or trying to make a Pinterest fail meal look really, really good. Guzzini has a 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable, antibacterial plastic solution for you. So you can have international style, with international awareness (the whole saving the world thing) without paying international. Capiche?

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