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Why We Love the Michael Wainwright Tableware & Kitchenware Collection
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Why We Love the Michael Wainwright Tableware & Kitchenware Collection

It’s easy to look at these brand names with a skeptical eye. Is that a real person? Or are they a slick marketer that combined a few names to come up with a name that tested well. Okay, even if it is a real person, are they actually the designer or the talent behind the brand? Or is this a front person that is only slightly involved in the creativity behind the name? 

Well, with Michael Wainwright you can put all of that cynical curiosity to rest. And, yes, he is a real person. He has a Masters of Fine Arts in ceramic sculpture from the prestigious NYU Steinhardt MFA Program. And like any artist worth paying attention to, Michael had to learn how to translate his talents to a business the hard way. On his own. He was not handed his own silver ceramic knife. He had to peddle his pieces on the subways of Manhattan from one street fair to the next street corner. One day at a time. 

It would be years before Michael Wainwright would discover his true gift and even longer before someone else did. Fast forward to now where we are talking too much about him before his work. Because his work can speak for itself. He refers to his pieces as his children. And these are our 5 favorite children of Michael Wainwright.

Panthera Indigo Collection

All of the Michael Wainwright Panthera Indigo Blue pieces are based on a mottled indigo blue glaze and a sleek 24k gold edge for a touch of bling. The glaze is reactive so no two pieces are the same. Mr. Wainwright is a student of the Japanese school of Wabi Sabi. Which is the celebration of all things beautifully imperfect. So every element, from the variations in the pattern to the thickness of the glaze, are unique and irregular. Rendering them perfect. The highlights of the Panthera Indigo collection are the serving tray and the chip and dip. Accompanying those serving pieces are the 10” round bowl and the 5” square bowl. The entire Panthera Indigo collection rounds out well with the wine glasses, the water glasses and the double old fashioned glasses. 

Panthera Platinum Collection

The Panthera Platinum collection is similar to the Panthera Indigo collection, except for one small thing - there is no indigo blue. The Panthera platinum is all silvers and neutrals and all classically gorgeous. The platinum edge is a warm platinum and the color of the panthera patterning leans warm yet still very neutral. The Panthera Platinum collection is also anchored in its serveware starting with the chip and dip, rectangular tray and 10” serving bowl. But also has a 18/10 stainless steel cake serving set with the panthera patterning and the 4 piece cheese serving set. Panthera Platinum also has the warm monochromatic 5” glass serving bowl, double old fashioned, water and wine glasses.

Truro Gold Collection

So we aren’t going to be the ones that pretend to know Mr. Wainwright’s favorite child, but based on sheer volume, our vote is on the Truro Gold Collection. This collection stems from stemware, dinnerware, drinkware, serveware to barware. Mr. Wainwright’s canvas is pure porcelain, crystalline glass and 18/10 stainless steel and his paint is 24K gold. He was inspired by the milky white quartz pebbles whilst walking on the sandy beaches of the eponymous Truro, Cape Cod.

His porcelain canvas pieces are anchored by the dinner and salad plates and the soup and cereal bowls. His crystalline glass pieces are the highlighted by the tall glass pitcher and the large glass centerpiece vase. Finished off with the toasting flutes, the martini glasses, double old fashioned, highball and the red & white wine glasses. And then he had to top it off with the perfect coupe stem glasses. The party is literally all here. The 18/10 stainless steel side of the family consists of a super fancy strainer/shaker/jigger set and an equally sophisticated ice bucket & ice scoop set. And rounding out the 18/10 pieces are the salad servers, the cake knife and server set and the cheese shaver and cheese knife set. With Truro Gold, Michael Wainwright was nothing, if not prolific. 

Truro Platinum Collection

The Truro Platinum Collection has the same elemental patterning as the Truro Gold, but without the gold. Same sensibilities. Same metal finishing. Same etching and repetitive shape inspiration. Truro Platinum is just designed for the home that might not embrace the gilded nature of its counterpart. We will say that the metal is the platinum does lean toward the warm solid. So it is not without chroma, but still very neutral. The Truro Platinum does have an amazing 18/10 stainless steel 5 piece place setting to accompany the other serving pieces.   

Truro Origin Collection

And just to further solidify our position that Truro is where Mr. Wainwright’s passion lies, he had to develop a line for those of us that might not need the metallic finishing rim around our bowls and plates. Truro Origin is a simpler version of the pattern that just allows the dimpling of the pebbles pattern speak for themselves. It comes in cornerstone place setting pieces so that, if one were so inclined, they could use the other Truro metallic pieces for centerpieces. The Truro Origin pieces come in a dinner plate, a salad plate.



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