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Kitchen Hardware’d That Trend Go?
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Kitchen Hardware’d That Trend Go?

Mixed Metals. Out. Again. 

This is a tough one because many trend forecasters are declaring 2024 a good year for mixed metals. Maybe this writer has seen so many mixed reviews about mixed metals in the past decade that it’s hard to get on board. The truth is that mixed metals can be a beautiful solution for anyone’s kitchen. The honest truth is that mixing metals in kitchen hardware is really hard to pull off (pun intended). Couple that with the fact that your kitchen hardware shares space with so many other metal-clad appliances in your kitchen, it is even more difficult to master. So even if mixed metals make an early surge in 2024, we see it making an even quicker departure.

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of mixed metals.

The mixed metals “in this year / out this year” thing got a little out of control. People were starting to take liberties with styles and finishes and metal colors. Consumers felt they had carte blanche to just pick anything and it was excused because the designers said mixed metals were back in. Well, mixed metals can be back in. And you will see plenty of places that tell you it is.   But we have to use collective discretion here. Pick one. Pick a cool metal and go to town. Don’t mix in a warm metal. Pick a finish and go to town. Polished chrome and brass can look amazing together. As long as you stick with the same finish. Don’t mix in an aged oil rubbed bronze! One of the most amazing hardware jobs this writer has ever seen was done in several different styles and periods from greco-roman to nouveau to bauhaus. But it was ALL done in the exact same finish and color. So just pick one. It will actually be liberating.

Polished Anything. Just Out. 

This applies to all metals on the reflective color spectrum. 2024 is going to be a big year for satin and matte finishes. Nothing against polished brass or chrome in small doses. This just won’t be the year you can see a reflection of your face, or your style, in your kitchen hardware. That being said, many designs will incorporate small touches of polished metals to capture the small specular reflections of breakfast sunshine spilling into our nooks. But they will be minor highlights - not the entire piece of hardware. Your morning retinas will be grateful.

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of polished anything.

This is a touchy one. Because there are a ton of us that love our polished metals. But we might have to bite our tongue this year. 2024 is going to be the year of the mattes and satin finishes. And this writer is afraid to inform you this is going to be a pretty universal trend. Even our most modern and contemporary styles and designs will be of the non-reflective nature. Truth is, satin finishes hide imperfections way better. This just means less staring at your chrome handle or knob while you feverishly polish away at a piece of hardware you already spent too much time on. Don’t worry, this one is always a temporary one. Polished will be back in 18 months.  

Big Textures. Way Out. 

Textures are going to be huge in 2024. But they won’t be the larger “notice from across the kitchen island” type of textures. The textures for kitchen hardware for 2024 will be more for feel  than aesthetic. We won’t be seeing any of the big tree branch pulls or the thicker roman column fluted handles in 2024 kitchens (unless, of course, they are leftovers from previous homeowners). The textures for 2024 will be much more subtle leaving no room for the bigger, chunkier textures.

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of big textures.

We are starting to see a swing in the open concept floor plan. And we always thought the kitchen would be impervious to this inevitable pendulum. Sadly it only partly is. There is a decent sized segment of the consumer base that is choosing a smaller kitchen. And naturally that means everything in it. Well guess what's going to get smaller first? No, not the appliances. Not the storage space. In 2024, we are going to see a big push for small. That doesn’t mean simple. It just means small. Smaller hardware with smaller textures and probably smaller visual impact. Hardware isn’t going to take a step back, it just might be visually smaller this year.

Handles & Pulls. Pushed To The Side Out.

This is almost unfair to all the handles and pulls of the world. They will always have a place in our kitchen. But this is undoubtedly going to be the year of the knob. Every type of knob that you could imagine. Metals of course. Granite. Marble. Porcelain. We’ve even seen some gorgeous concrete knobs. So naturally handles and pulls will get relegated to second tier showcasing. But remember, the anatomy of a kitchen cabinet system is just like human anatomy. The upper body is separated from the lower body by drawers. Handles and pulls don’t have to wait until next year, but they might have to find a home on the lower doors. 

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of handles & pulls.

Take this knob and love it. Sorry. Knobs of all makes and kinds. But no mixed metals. And no polished anything! (Just so we are consistent with our other recos). Believe it or not, there is going to be a pretty large influx of natural wood knobs and painted knobs. Some rougher more natural stones and elements. Nothing too overstated. Still simple. They are knobs for crying for loud.  

Glass & Crystal. Even the Knobs Are Out. 

Again, nothing against some of the more beautiful crystal & glass kitchen hardware produced over the years, 2024 is simply not going to be their year. They’ve had a few good runs. Remember the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company glass hardware megatrend in the 1810s? Or a century later when metals were in short supply because of The Great War we turned to glass and crystal for many of our hardware needs - including all the doors in our house. We even saw a renaissance almost exactly a century later when some of our favorite drinking glassware and lighting/chandelier manufacturers poured into the hardware game. But sadly, even though there is a pocket of designers and homeowners swear by them, crystal & glass kitchen hardware is not going to be taking the design world by storm in 2024. (I almost said “sweeping the nation like baby fishmouth”) And if you get that reference you get extra credit Kris!

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of glass & crystal.

This is a little summary of the last few ins & outs. Instead of glass & crystal we are agreeing with all forecasters that satin & matte finished metals are going to big this year. Natural and organic materials like stone, ceramic, concrete and even a resurgence of unfinished& painted wood. We are not saying that glass & crystal are completely out, they just aren’t going to be trend hot this year.

Simplicity. Not Totally Out…But Not On Trend. 

This particular “out” comes with a gigantic caveat. The fact is that simple, clean lines with very safe metal choices will probably outsell any trend in 2024. So your contemporary satin nickels and chromes, your slightly contoured aged bronze hardware will go with almost any kitchen cabinet in any kitchen. So they will never be “out.” But this is a trend discussion and this is going to be a fun year to pick unique hardware. And as far as 2024 trends go, simple, conservative & contemporary kitchen hardware will not be at the top of any designer or stylists list this year. Let’s put it this way, ask any big box store what they are going to stock the most of this year. That answer will tell you what last year’s trend was.

COUNTERPOINT // Instead of simplicity.

There are going to be some details in the details. Some intricate patterns and finishes. Some patterns finishing off patterns. But not big and obnoxious. Small beautiful delights that one might not see unless closely inspected. And therein lies the fun. We’ve established that big textures and big patterns are out. That doesn’t mean that craftsmanship is out. It’s actually quite in. Complicated, small and graceful is what we will be appreciating more of in 2024. At least those of us that take a closer look.  



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