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2024's Trendy & Most Unique Kitchen Gadgets
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2024's Trendy & Most Unique Kitchen Gadgets

This is our unofficial list of some of our favorite gadgets to talk about at gadget parties. 

The Most “Multi” Gadget That Doesn’t Have “Multi” In Its Name

Dreamfarm Sharple Always Sharp Safety Peeler

This is basically an elegantly designed award-winning peeler. Oh, that's right. Every time you open and close the protective cover, the stainless steel blades sharpen themselves. That’s worth saying again. It sharpens itself. And again, Dreamfarm can not stop there. And this seems really small, because it actually is, they have added a little scoop or spade thingy at the tip of the Sharple to dig out imperfections in veggies or eyes in potatoes.

The Most “Multi” Gadget That Has “Multi” In Its Name

Staub Multi Function Spoon

At first glance this is just an unorthodox spoon. There are no moving parts. There are no gears or inventive components that would require an engineer to develop.There is nothing that would require a product demo to wow you. Until you use it. You will come very close to asking yourself, “then why was the spoon invented this way?” and shortly after, “why are serving spoons and ladles shaped that way?” Simple answer. It does everything. Its shape is perfectly contoured to shape every pot, pan or bowl manufactured. And the comfortable Acacia wood handles are ergonomically contoured to fit the hand. We’re not saying it replaces EVERY spoon in your kitchen buuuut…

The Multi Awarded Gadget of the Year

Dreamfarm Fluicer

The Fluicer was awarded one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2023. The name FLuicer comes from the number one problem it solves. It’s a FLat jUICER. Up until the Fluicer, manual hand juicers were clunky and cumbersome. And you couldn’t store them in your standard drawer with the rest of your flatter utensils. The Fluicer folds and stores flat to solve that problem. It also has longer arms for levers that allow you to squeeze the juice from the fruit without so much stress on your wrist. Your forearms share the stress. The Fluicer comes in a perfectly sized and colored lime, lemon and orange.

The Most Multi-Justible Mandoline Slicer

Gefu Violi 2.0 Slicer

This compact easily adjustable mandoline is perfect for beginner to veteran chef prep. Its V-shaped stainless steel japanese blades julienne in 5 different thicknesses. It comes with 2 additional blade inserts and it is dishwasher safe. The Gefu Violi 2.0 Slicer has non-slip feet for balance and a finger guard for a safer slice as well as a storage container for additional blade inserts. Basically any fruit, root or vegetable you need sliced between 1 mm and 5 mm has met it’s match.  

The Most Multi-Colored Gadget of The Year

FinaMill Battery Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder in One

Okay color isn’t Finamill’s most useful trait but we’ve always said appearance matters in the kitchen. Especially if it’s going to sit on the countertop for an extended period of time. But color and style aside, the Finamill Grinder is an amazing must-have gadget for all home chefs planning on seasoning or spicing anything. It’s a pretty ingenious design. It’s a battery powered one hand-held mill that has detachable spice grinding pods. You just supply your favorite mill ground spices or peppercorns and the adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism turns them to any desired level of grind you desire.      

The Most Multi-Ahhhhhhs Gadget of The Year

The Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter

This is another classic from Dreamfarm that makes you wonder why it wasn’t like this from the beginning. All rolling pizza cutters made a ton of sense until the Dreamfarm Scizza. It’s absolutely just like it sounds. It’s a pair of scissors that cut your pizza slices. And unlike the traditional rolling cutters, it’s job is not done. The lower blade is also a spatula-like shoe that allows you to lift and serve your slices. It’s also easier to clean, either by hand or dishwasher. So in classic Dreamfarm form, you will never look at pizza cutting the same again. 

The Most Multi “Where Did Ya Get Thats” Gadget of The Year

UVI Self Heating Lunch Box with UV Light Sanitizer

So when you think of a lunch box you don’t necessarily think of high tech or non-ionizing light that has wavelengths between X-rays and visible light. Well think again. This “lunch box” has a self heating mechanism that allows you to heat up your food from refrigerator to hot-n-ready in under 25 mins. There is also an interior UV light that kills bacteria and viruses that can cause odor. And if you’ve ever opened a lunchbox full of broccoli or anything tuna, you will understand exactly why this was necessary.

The Most Multi “I Didn’t Even Know They Made Those” Conversations Gadgets

Airtender Wine Saver Vacuum Boxed Set

Ya know that one person in your family that just breathes life into the party? That’s what the Airtender Wine Aerator does. But it’s to your glasses of wine. The air oxidizes the wine and creates explosive taste instantaneously. And when that uncle that comes over and just sucks the air out of the room? Well that’s what the Airtender Wine Vacuum does. But it’s your wine bottle. And it’s a good thing. After your bottle is sealed with one of the 6 Nanostoppers supplied, you can vacuum the air out of the bottle to immediately give the wine a longer life. 

The Only Multi-Function Bread Container Gadget

Guzzini Tierra Container for Bread and Confectionery

This item from Guzzini is a unique piece from the Tierra Collection. It is meant to resemble the look of thrown pottery just off the spinning wheel. It is designed to feel imperfect even down to the uneven undulations as to evoke a more organic or handmade feel. The Tierrra collection is also made up of solid neutrals. It has accompanying pieces that include serving trays, dishes, bowls, tumblers and the best seller of the Guzzini Tierra collection, the Oval Centerpiece and Fruit Bowl. 

The Multi “Yeah, This Is Better Than The One I Already Have” Gadget

EZEE Garlic Press

Easy-to-press garlic cloves with one hand, with or without peeling cloves. Uses a unique hexagonal blade pattern in the cutter plate to create consistent pulp without liquid. Spikes on press plate push the garlic through the openings in the cutter plate. The door unlatches for easy cleaning but it is dishwasher safe.



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