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Zafferano Dalmata Serving Dish

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Style: Beam

Federico de Majo’s black-and-white Dalmata collection, brought to life in Italy entirely by hand, is a fascinating blend of local artisanship and contemporary design. The 11.2" Zafferano Dalmata Serving Dish is perfect for everything from salads to displaying an array of creative appetizers, and its geometric Beam or Wheel pattern is sure to be a conversation starter at any occasion. Stoneware pieces are safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

Clean modern look

Choose your favorite from the two striking geometric designs, or combine two different sets for a playful yet coordinated look. The black-and-white color scheme is a perfect fit for a contemporary table setting.

Easy to love

These serving dishes are stoneware, making them a great choice for everyday dining, whether indoors or outside. They’re also both microwave and dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up after a large dinner party is a breeze.

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Zafferano America is the exclusive distributor of the award-winning lighting and glassware designs of Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy. Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Federico de Majo spent much of his formative years on the fiery factory floor of his family’s glass-blowing business, Vetreria De Majo. It is in the studio of Vetreria De Majo where he first learned the historical techniques of glass blowing, and later began developing a body of work. Federico currently lives and works in the lush countryside of Treviso, while his soul is securely anchored to the island of Murano.

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