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Crystalia Pomegranate Deseeder and Lemon Juicer

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Do you struggle to remove pomegranate arils by hand? 

When peeling the pomegranate, does the juice get all over your kitchen and stain your countertops or clothes? Here's a product that will solve all your troubles. With the pomegranate deseeder, you can even eat this delicious fruit in the comfort of your bed or sofa! This pomegranate tool is designed to pit the entire pomegranate in less than two minutes. Enjoy the healthy benefits of pomegranates by quickly and easily removing hundreds of seeds. 


  • BPA-FREE & FOOD-GRADE & HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC: Lemon Squeezer and Pomegranate Deseeder is made in Europe of food-grade BPA-Free high-quality plastic material. It is food safe and odorless. No smell, dust-proof, durable material. It ensures you get the best original flavor.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TOOL & 2-in-1 SET: This pomegranate deseeder is not just a deseeder, it is a manual juicer/squeezer as well. This sturdy tool deseeds pomegranate and extracts every drop of juice from lemons, oranges, lime, and even small grapefruits. Perfect for preparing cocktails and lemonade. Deseed pomegranates within 2 minutes or extract the juice of lemon, orange or any citrus.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN & QUICK RESULTS & CONVENIENT STORAGE: Two jobs in one tool. Within less than 2 minutes, you will pit one full pomegranate and or juice one whole citrus. Why buy two different appliances that will take up space in your kitchen? 
  • ENJOY THE HEALTH BENEFITS of the fresh pomegranate by quickly and easily removing hundreds of arils with no industrial touch and without the shelve-life limitations of ready-to-eat pomegranates.
  • EASY TO USE and CLEAN: Place the pomegranate in the bowl and cover the hat, then hit it. Cut the orange, lemon or citrus and squeeze with special design hand juicer. Simply hand wash or wash in the dishwasher.
  • Dimensions: 7.75"D x 6.1"W x 2.75"H.

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Crystalia is a native California-based manufacturer and distributor of stylish and sturdy premium glassware manufactured at its European facility. Crystalia glasses are made with non-toxic, lead-free and BPA-free materials and its manufacturing practices are in strict adherence to the stringent European manufacturing guidelines. All Crystalia products come in a gift ready colorful box.

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